Let me show you my favourite place in the world. It's quaint and peaceful, elegant and assured. It's a calming place. One that encourages existence in the purest sense. Sleep, nature, food, life. Being. Ever since our first visit to this little Island on the South East corner of Sicily, I have not been able to shake this love, this overwhelming connection and desire to stay and be, just be.


Here, our days were simple. Ben and I would wake and amble down to the market for fresh fruit, yoghurt and an espresso. We would usually collect lunch supplies while there. We'd then retreat to the rock and laze the morning away, losing ourselves in books and finding ourselves in the sea. Cleansing. Lunch was back at the apartment, some ricotta and bread, salad and meat. Or maybe fish. Chilled red wine was unabashedly enjoyed, which encouraged an afternoon nap. Then there would be more swimming on the rock, perhaps, and an evening wander before dinner at one of our two favourite restaurants. Pasta, seafood, wine, happiness. We'd dance home and do it all again the next day. I am entirely certain that there is nothing better in life.

There is nothing better in life. I'm sure of it.

Heidi xo
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