After Enna, Ben and I continued our Sicilian adventure and headed way way West, to the coastal town of Trapani.

This place is pure beach town fun, and Ben and I were absolutely up to the task. There was a musical festival in town, which added to the party atmosphere. Trapani was buzzing with feisty and friendly faces alike. 

We arrived in the evening, so after checking in we headed to the hotel rooftop for a drink or three. Right on the water. It was rocking.

After a few too many tipples we decided to change our plans for an evening dining out, to pizza and a take-home gelato pack in bed whilst watching the Olympic opening ceremony. It was completely awesome. Ben and I visited the famed Calvino Pizzeria for our takeaway bites. These pizzas were really yummy with their thicker crust and generous toppings.

Breakfast at the hotel before heading out for a day at the beach. Boiled eggs, yoghurt and fruit is an excellent hotel breakfast in my eyes. And coffee, of course.

Visiting a local market on the way...

Lunch was from Panificio Oddo Rosalia (open since 1958!), where we snagged takeaway packs of pasta bake and couscous salad.

We ate this deliciousness on our beach beds, in between swimming and reading. Sandy perfection.

Evening granita from the famed Colicchia Francesco after a day in the sun was supremely refreshing. We shared coffee and pistachio/almond.

The pistachio/almond blend was truly divine, like an uplifting, iced, frangipane glass of heaven. It was one of the most delicious concoctions I have ever tasted. Ever.

Another tipple on the hotel roof. Love this face.

And then dinner at Al Vicoletto, a beautiful little restaurant founded by two young friends. We had seafood pasta and Sicilian-style swordfish (with tomato and capers). This food was really very scrumptious, one of the top plates of my beloved spaghetti alle vongole that we devoured on our trip. With a crisp glass of white wine, I was terribly pleased.

So Trapani was really just beach, seafood and campari. What's not to love?

Another great thing about Trapani is how close it is to the Egadi Islands. One day we caught a ferry and spent the entire day riding our bikes around Favignana, from swimming spot to swimming spot. See this post for more details. It was one of our most favourite days of our entire trip.

Yeah, Trapani is pretty great. It feels like salt in my hair, sun-kissed cheeks and pistachio almond granita. It feels good.

Heidi xo

Trapani Notes

Length of stay: 3 nights - I think 2 would suffice, unless you wanted to see more of the Egadi Islands. You might also like to stay overnight on one of the Islands if you're into snorkelling. Favignana reminded me of a grungier, less populated Greek Island.

AccommodationLa Gancia. We snagged a great online deal, this hotel was really fantastic - awesome waterfront location, very friendly staff and a lovely breakfast. They also had a gym and sweating it out a couple of mornings was really nice.

Where we ateCalvino Pizzeria, Panificio Oddo Rosalia, Colicchia Francesco (granita goodness!), Al Vicoletto.

Highlights: walking, walking, walking to the beach then finding we needed cash to rent a beach bed. This led us on an expedition to find an atm, which led us to randomly stumble upon Panificio Oddo Rosalia and delicious lunchtime eats! There was pasta bake at the end of the tunnel. Also, our Olympic opening ceremony pizza party.

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