Cardamom Snacking Cake


Come closer.

I have something I want to share with you.

It's my new favourite cake. A cardamom snacking cake. I implore you to say that out loud right now. "Cardamom snacking cake". Isn't is delicious?

Cardamom. It's a dearly beloved spice of mine.

This cake, to me, is flawless. And while others in our household enjoyed their slice, none shared my truly fervent fondness. I cannot quite explain how this love story came about, or what makes it extra special. Dare I say I adore this cake more than my well-loved citrus and almond beauties? I suppose I do indeed.

What I do know, is that my adoration grew with each day, with each slice that crept onto my afternoon plate. My head tells me that it is something to do with the eager use of creme fraiche, which is God's milk in my eyes. My hedonistic heart agrees. Scatterings of zest and pistachio freckles only enhance it's beauty. Freckles and speckles are darling and delicious.

Really, I am inept at describing such a sudden, encompassing love as this. I try, yes, but no words quite do it justice. You may feel the same way as I do about this cake, you may find it rather ordinary. All I know is that I am faithfully and entirely in love.

And I just wanted you to know.

cardamom cake.jpeg
Heidi xo

Recipe Notes

* Recipe link: Cardamom Snacking Cake - by A Sweet Spoonful, adapted from The River Cottage. * I used a mortar and pestle and did grind my own cardamom from the lovely green pods. The intense flavour is worth this extra effort. * Mum's oven cooked this beauty in 33 minutes. We checked it at 30minutes & left it in for an additional few. The recipe calls for 50 minutes or until golden and the top springs back. A skewer inserted into the middle certainly came out clean, so be sure to watch your cake if your oven is particularly efficient. I'm afraid that overcooking this cake will lessen any love. * Next time I might try a touch of meyer lemon zest alongside the orange. And I did add a pinch more zest and pistachio than the recipe called for. * I did not top our cake with icing sugar, as the recipe suggested, as I found it sweet enough already. It is truly perfect as it is. Greek yoghurt is a lovely addition, though. * This cake is just as beautiful the day after it has been made. Slice by slice.

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