Black Sticky Gingerbread

Ginger has been on my mind, of late. This deeply autumnal spice has indeed been slightly out of place as Mother Nature makes is clear that she is not yet yielding to fallen leaves. And despite the calendar insisting that we have in fact changed seasons, ardent sunshine has prevailed. Though so too has my hunger for spice and warmth and delicate crumbs. So I'm going to be a complete rebel here and give you some cool weather cake for your sunshine-kissed, mid-March afternoon tea. I'm sure you'll deal with it just fine. In fact, as I type this diary entry, the clouds are swooning that bit closer and I find myself reaching for woollen socks. I'm ready.

Here we have a gorgeous loaf of Black Sticky Gingerbread, by Heidi Swanson. This recipe has long been calling my name - wholemeal flour, butter, generous spices and sticky, sticky molasses. It's long been calling my nana's name, too, as she adores ginger.

The resulting cake is fragrant, unabashedly so, and borders on heavy, despite it’s delicate crumb. But it's heavy in a welcome way, it doesn't sit in your stomach like a brick. Hmmm, yes, heavy is the wrong word, rather, this cake makes it's delicious presence known to you. Indeed, it lingers. Perhaps this is due to the rich use of spice... All I know for sure is that this cake makes me want to pop on my gumboots and a tunic, braid my hair and call myself Gretel, then wander into the woods and eat some old lady's house. Quite so.

I adored this recipe so, it inspired me to bake another ginger goodie - baked gingerbread porridge. I'll be posting that recipe soon. It's just warmth in a bowl, that one. For now, eat this cake. Share a slice with loved ones over a hot cup of tea and welcome in this new season. Surely leaves will soon be turning golden. Oh, and stay away from gingerbread houses in the woods - I've heard that path never ends well.


Heidi xo