Roasted Almond Maple Butter

Last week, I had a lovely Easter visitor - Ben's younger cousin, Ven. The two of us made nut butter together - roasted almond maple nut butter, to be precise.

That sounds fancy, doesn't it? It's truly not. We simply dry roasted 3 cups of whole, unsalted on a baking tray for ~10 minutes (in a hot 180 degree Celsius oven). Once they cooled, we pureed the roasted almonds in a food processor for ~7 minutes until luxuriously smooth and butter-esque, pausing every now and then to scrape the sides of the bowl (Note: if your food processor is super powerful, it may come together in just a few minutes). At the end we added a touch of maple syrup (a teaspoon or two) to the mix and a sprinkle of sea salt flakes, just for fun.

I now have two jars of this lovely nut spread in the fridge, beckoning me to greet them daily with a spoon. This morning, I added a heaped teaspoon to my porridge. Together with the first oranges of the season, it made quite the pretty little breakfast.




Heidi xo