American Nut Butters Up In My Porridge

Hello friends.

We are all settled in our San Francisco apartment and the boys are hard at work. Our home is completely gorgeous, in stark contrast to our digs at Coachella (more on that in my next post). Our area is rocking (we’re in SoMa) and right now I’m sitting, typing in Sightglass Coffee - they craft beautiful coffee and are a one minute walk from our apartment. Damn, I could get used to this.

Let’s talk breakfast. In the interest of saving money, I will not be dining out for three meals a day at the likes of Tartine, Crafstman and Wolves and Boulette’s Larder *sigh*. Rather I will focus my morning meal efforts on humble provisions such as oats and yoghurt, saving my pennies for special occasions.

Yesterday I foraged through supermarket after supermarket, enthralled with the tremendous range of health goods available. It was entirely overwhelming and wonderful and energising and inspiring. I left with three nut butters (don’t judge), a bag of oats (self-serve bins are far cheaper than pre-packaged), milk, yoghurt, ice-cream and a bag of carrots. The essentials.

This morning I assembled most of these goods into a humble San Francisco breakfast. I sampled the nut butters and had myself a hearty meal in doing so, fueling up for a day of wandering and frolicking and pinching myself.


♥ Biscoff spread (essentially blended up cookies. In no life will this ever be a nutritious topping, but I had to buy a jar. I just had to. Next up? Trader Joe’s cookie butter)

♥ Trader Joe’s Sunflower Seed Butter (I’ve had sunflower seed butter in Australia and it just tasted rank. Here they add ingredients to make it taste less rank and I did find it delicious, however on the health spectrum it’s not number one).

♥ Barney Butter Bare Almond Butter (“bare” in that it has less added ingredients than the original Barney’s. Delicious, yes, however I’d prefer if the oil used wasn’t palm oil.)

♥ Oats were made simply with rolled oats and 2% milk. Served with a side of vegetable juice.


Heidi xo