Saturday Date in San Francisco

Last week, Ben and I had a whole Saturday to roam around town. Here's what we got up to... 1. Breakfast at Tartine.

2. Photographing giant cows.

3. Hiring bikes and riding to the Golden Gate Bridge. It was a foggy day, so there wasn't a whole lot of bridge to see, but it was fun anyway. I like to bicycle around when it's safe, my seat is super low and my head is secure in a helmet fort.

We had hot dogs for lunch, which sweetened the deal even further. Only in California would nitrate free hot dogs be so readily available.

4. Walking Nob Hill and Russian Hill.

5. Catching a tram or two.


6. Drinks and dinner at Nopa (bless those wood-roasted sardines), then a Bi-Rite scoop...

...or two.

The perfect Saturday date in San Francisco? Surely.

Heidi xo