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Franklin BBQ

Franklin BBQ

I've got a bit of a different breakfast post for you today. It involves barbeque. Barbeque for breakfast. Hold on to your belts. But first, let me ask you a question.

Would you wait in line for 2 and a half hours for brisket? What if it was reported to be the best barbeque in all of Austin? Maybe? Yeah, of course you would, right?

This morning, Ben and I did just that. We got into our sports gear and set off, jogging to Franklin BBQ, the slow-cooked meat lovers' paradise, to see what was up. With already three groups in line ahead of us at 8:30am, we knew we had to leave one of our men behind. Bravely, Ben stayed on while I scooted home, showered and then swapped places with him. In line (heavily sun-screened and hydrated - Austin is hot) I read a book and Ben replied to emails while we waited...

...and waited...

...and waited. Water from the balcony graciously misted us hungry, hopeful patrons. From the start of the line we watched it grow...and grow...and grow... until this crazy line of barbeque-lovin' peeps entirely wrapped around the side of the restaurant. It was not even 10:30am at that point. One lady even showed up at 10:45am and took the place of a lady a few spots down from us. She had hired this lady to wait in line for her. It was a legitimate business transaction. For real.

Why all the drama? Well, people have been reported to have shed tears when arriving late (or even on-time, at 11am) and hearing Franklin's has run our of brisket. The only tears we wanted to shed that day were happy tears, and so we arrived early. P.S. this was a Tuesday.

At 11am, the crowd let out a hungry *sigh* as the doors to Franklin BBQ opened. Filing in and placing our order, we watched these crafty gents and ladies slice up pound after pound of brisket, ribs, sausages and pulled pork...

♥ Ben and I went with a pound of brisket (a mix of lean and fatty cuts), and a plate of two meats (ribs and more brisket...what?), with a side of beans, slaw, bread, pickles, onions and sweet tea. Oh, boy.

So how was it? Was it worth the 2.5 hour wait?

Yes. Yes. With all of my heart, YES.

So flavourful, so melting, so well-seasoned, so tenderly delicious. This was, without a glistening shimmer of a doubt, the best brisket, the best barbeque meat, we have ever had. The ribs were tasty as well, most definitely. But that brisket... The beans were so scrumptious, as was the slaw and pickles and tea. But that brisket...

Ben and I did not even bother with the bread (I mean, really, it's just a waste of stomach space at this point), and we still needed a take-home pack for all that brisket. Was it worth it? Are you kidding me? Of course it was.


Heidi xo

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