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Welcome to my blog. I write about food, motherhood and all that makes up our days.



Right now, I am terribly enthusiastic about the following things:

1. Pouring a generous nip of Campari while cooking. On ice, maybe with a dash of sparkling water, hold the orange slice, thanks. Suggest upping the ante with a negroni and you'll be my new bff.

2. I cannot wait to fill this pitcher in the coming months with Summer Pimm's and homemade ginger ale. This stunning late sixties set, which I completely adore, was a gift from my friend, Yasmeen, when she came to stay with her husband. We made Katie's lamb and played Risk (poorly) and ate ice-cream and spoke about life and travel. I'm so happy we've become friends.

3. Speaking of ice-cream, I'm having such fun with my Cuisinart ice-cream maker. This baby was a gift from my Aunty (she is just so on the money with her presents) and I am in love. Firstly, it's bright orange and secondly it's super easy to use and makes ice-cream really quickly. Next up is this rich chocolate ice-cream, at my husband's request. He's a simple flavours kinda guy, whereas I'm itching to get pistachio happy.

4. I'm currently reading Sweet Honey, Bitter Lemons - a travel journal of one man's vespa adventures across Sicily. It's a particularly pleasant read for me as last year Ben and I spent 2.5 weeks driving around Sicily (falling head over heels in love with the land, the people, the food...) Our next overseas trip may be a couple of years away, but I'm already saving my pennies so I can once again bask in the Sicilian sun and feast on swordfish.

5. My favourite dried pasta? Giuseppe. I find it at gourmet food shops. Fresh pasta is lovely, but so often I prefer dried pasta to help make the perfect al dente spaghetti with pangrattato.

6. After our recent move of house we've been trying to clear out and minimise possessions. I've been sorting and deciding what we truly need to keep and what can go in the trash or to the op shop. Stumbling across old photographs has been a happy distraction. This one of mum and I was taken when she was just shy of 30 (though she looks about 15). I have major hair and outfit envy. Sometimes I find myself looking at my mum and feeling completely overwhelmed with how beautiful she is, inside and out. And to boot, she decked me out in the cutest little shoes. Love you, mum. Happy birthday for yesterday xo

7. Last month, with assistance and advice from my parents, I planted my first vegetable garden. I have rocket and kale and artichoke and spinach and I'm so very happy to report that everything is still alive. I'm really hoping that gardening is a hidden talent of mine, that would be so useful. Stay tuned...

8. Have you noticed cafes are adding herby goodness to their scrambled eggs and serving it with a side of leg ham, affectionately labelling the dish "Green Eggs and Ham". I've seen this regularly of late and find it to be both cute and delicious. This gem was from Somers General Store.

9. Those who know me well know that I am not crafty. I am most definitely lacking in most, if not all, crafting skills. My husband and I did, however, manage a bit of DIY. We created a chalkboard fridge. And by we I mean him. It involved sanding the fridge, applying a magnetic primer and a couple of coats of quality chalkboard paint. We found all our goodies at Bunnings. I love our new fridge and the childish scribbling it beckons.

10. Lastly, I'm loving Bahati chai tea. And their lemongrass and ginger tea. And their coffee. The whole company, really, which was started by one of my husband's previous colleagues. These guys travelled the globe to find top quality beans and leaves to sell via their website at good prices. Bahati's focus is ensuring all their goods are ethically sourced, and they are really devoted to this task. I was more than happy to try some of their goods and now I'm a little obsessed with my afternoon cup of chai tea, with a dash of soy or almond milk. And, as I have recently become slightly obsessed with coffee, I am just loving their delicious beans. But I suppose I am more so thrilled with their decaf variety, which actually tastes wonderful (decaf win!) and does not leave me a hyperactive, jittery freak come 5pm. Oh, and did I mention Bahati donate a portion of their profits to One Girl Alliance? I don't usually do brand reviews on my blog, as it's just not my thing, but this was a no brainer. Really great work, guys.

And these just some of my recent favourites. Do share your thoughts! Are there any books or recipes or other that you're loving on at the moment?

Heidi xo
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