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Around The House

Around The House

Yesterday was hot, really hot. Our home does not handle weather extremes too well, so I was not sure how we'd fare. But you know what? It was rather pleasant in the end. Working from home on these suddenly Summer days means lunch-time swims at the beach. And how can that be bad? In the evening, while waiting for Ben to finish work I snapped a few pictures around the house...

Ben has been sick these past few days, so I treated him to his favourite out of season fruits and forced him to drink a bucket of ginger tea. Though I think it was the salty sea swim that cured him.


I love this picture of mum and I with my older brother. And my younger brother in her belly.


On our fridge, a reminder.

In our fridge.

Meetings, emails, calls, Edrolo life...

I love the colours. Especially the faded reds.


They're still so fresh, Emma! Don't look at the stalks...




Dinner prep. Garlic and chili.

Washing radicchio. Ben's bitter favourite.

What will I wear to my friend's Wedding on Saturday?

The Harrison Ford badge I made at Coachella is dusty. Maybe I'll clean it up and wear him to the Wedding...

We got this stool for free from a junk sale. I need to re-cover it. I also need to learn the right term for re-covering furniture.

Before firing up the BBQ to cook dinner, we freed our vegetables from our (clearly) man-made tent. I didn't want them to burn in the sun. I don't know what I'm doing...At least they're healthy.



Eaten on the couch whilst watching Parks and Recreation on Ben's laptop, propped up by a pile of pillows. I love our life around the house.


Heidi xo

Around the house, inspired by Tracy Shutterbean's My Everyday Life series.

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