A Wednesday Morning

Toasting nuts and seeds is one of my most favourite ways to instantly take my breakfast bowl from nice to spectacular. And everyone deserves a bit of spectacular in their morning, don't you think?... Another way to make your morning spectacular is with freshly ground coffee beans. Now we're talking.

Mum knew that Ben and I were in the market for a coffee grinder, and before long her superior op shopping skills summoned a splendidly functional grinder. Mum is famous for her finds. This one might just be my most favourite yet.

Today Ben and I were both home for breakfast, which was a real mid-week treat. I so love to share my breakfast eats with him.

After a morning jog we got to preparing our meal, Ben meditating over the coffee grinder and me toasting some nuts and seeds. Almonds, pepitas and sunflower seeds. Plus some untoasted, chopped brazil nuts. I handed Ben a brazil nut to try, knowing it to be a fairly foreign ingredient for him. "Aren't they amazing?" I said. "They are the richest food source of selenium, you only need two a day and you've got your intake". Nature is magical.

Ben retreated with his breakfast to his office and I curled up on the couch, reading some favourite blogs and enjoying my toasted bowl of goods and freshly ground coffee.

It wasn't a fancy morning, but it was spectacular.

♥ Gippsland Dairy Smooth and Creamy Yoghurt - my treat yoghurt (but without the fruit in it, please, just yoghurt). I say "treat" because the second ingredient is sugar. As an every day variety I usually go for Farmers Union Greek Yoghurt.
♥ Nectarine
♥ Toasted Almonds, Pepitas, Sunflower Seeds
♥ Brazil Nuts
♥ Freshly Ground Bahati Coffee


Heidi xo