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Cauliflower "Pizza"

Cauliflower "Pizza"

I didn't expect Ben and I to like this one, folks. I mean, it's not a real pizza. It's a vegetable. As much as we both love cauliflower, it's just not pizza nor should it ever pretend to be. At least that's how I felt before tasting this cauli creation.

Now? I'm kinda into the idea. It's still not real pizza, let's be honest, but cauliflower does make a super tasty vehicle for sauce and cheese. 

A few thoughts for you:

1) do not think you can eat a whole cauliflower between two people. You can't. Or if you can, it's awfully unpleasant for everyone involved.

2) do not leave the tea towel you used to drain the cauliflower in your washing machine, thinking you'd washed it but you really hadn't. S**t smells funky the morning after.

3) I favour robust sauces to spread over the cauliflower base. A favourite was leftover spiced eggplant stew.

4) anchovies are a marvellous pre-oven topping (work with me here, they're so good for you!)

5) ricotta cheese is a marvellous post-oven topping, as are capers and fresh basil.

6) the crispy edges are the best part. Be generous with your parmesan distribution to make them even more awesome.

Cauliflower Pizza recipe link.

Let me know if you discover any great toppings for your cauliflower pizza vehicle for sauce and cheese! I'd love to hear about them.

Heidi xo
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