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This year we're ordering a leg of Ham

This year we're ordering a leg of Ham

Last Friday we had dinner with the folks. The cool change made itself known as we drove up the hill, grateful with the windows down and arms in the air. Cheers to surviving that week, am I right?

Dad, in pleasing predictable style, was working on a celebratory cocktail. Because it was Friday and now cool enough to form thoughts. And because we're here in this life and a cocktail felt right. Correction, a prosecco cocktail felt right.

Dad knows how to cater to my cocktail palate, with citrus. Frozen grapes were an ingenious touch. I have affectionately named this the "chill the f out" cocktail. It's particularly satisfying when coming down from a 5-day heatwave, but do feel free to try it in other weather conditions with varying pre-drink mental states. Speaking of questionable mental states, Friday evening I though it would be a good idea to allow my husband and I to wear matching outfits.

Ravenous after a week of feeling pretty 'ho-hum' from the heat, we dined on leftover Christmas ham (Dad cares for his leg diligently so it lasts for as long as we can moderate our intake), along with Summer salads, pickled cabbage and cucumber, and mixed grains cooked in stock.

And for dessert, Dad had made a blackberry and lime sorbet, using some lovely and plump local blackberries. These bulbous beauties are such a culinary caricature, don't you think? They created a beautiful sorbet that, together with some juicy limes, was superbly tart. I will most certainly be making this recipe again (It's a David Lebovitz gem). Dad served it with an aperitif of sorts that he felt would compliment it well. I tend to tune out when he describes his thought process regarding food and drink combination, my brother is better equipped at conversing with credibility on that topic. Me? It tasted like yum. And that's good enough for now.

Thanks for your cocktail creations, Dad. For inspiring with your sorbet, your drive for drink perfection and your dedication to Christmas goods.

This year we're ordering a leg of ham too, ok?

Limoncello and Prosecco Cocktail and Frozen Grapes (or the "chill the f out" cocktail)

Makes one tall drink. Tailor it to your flavour preferences including how strong you like it. Here's a rough guide.

Mix the following:
1 part Limoncello
1/2 part Vodka
one thin wedge Lime
2 frozen Grapes
1 sprig of Mint

Add: ice Cubes (add how ever many you desire to dilute and chill the drink)

Top up: with 2 parts Prosecco (or to taste)

Heidi xo

Today we're going to make a pie

Today we're going to make a pie

Banana, Macadamia and Date Smoothie Bowl

Banana, Macadamia and Date Smoothie Bowl