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Ginger Spider

Ginger Spider

I was never a fan of spiders growing up.

I don’t mean the leggy creature, either, I mean those precarious, bubbling drinks of soda and ice-cream. Milkshakes, sure, hand me a super cold chocolate one with extra topping, please. But spiders? No deal.

Ughhh, making them at a café I worked at one Summer was a nightmare. Spider craftsmanship requires accuracy of timing I just did not posses. You see, if you add the ice-cream before the soda, the drink can explode and you’ve got a sticky spider stream everywhere. Instead, you must ever so delicately drop a creamy scoop into the already three-quarter full glass of soda, encouraging it to fizz only slightly and certainly not extravagantly.

Oh man, I feel stressed just typing that.

During our present heat wave, my grandparents informed me they’ve been counting on spiders made with ginger cordial to keep them refreshed. How wonderfully innocent, I thought. And so, one stinking hot Sunday, they made us the Davis family spider.

It was Summer in a glass.

I might be coming around to spiders. Just maybe. Or, as my grandpa says, "how about a fly?"...


The Davis Ginger Spider

Buderim Ginger Cordial
Soda Water
Vanilla Ice-Cream

1. Make up the cordial with soda water to your desired sweetness, ensuring to fill the glass no more than ¾ full.
2. Carefully place a scoop of ice-cream in the glass.
3. Serve with a long spoon and feel like a kid.

Heidi xo

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