Campari days. And nights. And stove-side swigs.

Do you have a signature drink?

I like wine. Red wine, specifically. The entire genre. I don't mind if it's a pinot noir or shiraz, though I'll be particularly pleased with a cabernet sauvignon. Sparkling shiraz is a bonus and tastes like Sunday lunch. In the white game it has to be crisp and dry. Though if it is bubbly and French I'll be thrilled and look for the strawberries and croissants and think of my friend Peta. Most likely she'll be handing me the glass.

In terms of spirits give me gin, please. And liqueurs? I love the taste and tinge of Strega (which we served in a cocktail at our wedding) and our friends recently gifted us some stunning, sticky Amaro, which I adored. But I cannot go past the bitter beauty of Campari.

I've become quite the Campari drinker these past few years. In fact I've had to allocate one particular bottle at home as my personal bottle. It's located, rather suggestively, next to the stove and I've fallen into the habit of swigging whilst stirring. You know, totally normal. Anyway, now we have two bottles. One for me, and one for people with manners.

Usually I'll serve a small, slim glass of Campari on the rocks. If I had ingredients on hand to make Negronis (the most fabulous cocktail ever) I would probably jazz up Campari more regularly but alas, I'm yet to get into Vermouth territory. Though perhaps that's something my 29 year old self will do. I look forward to next month.

Last week I did, however, jazz up our pre-dinner Campari, with fresh ginger, a squeeze of pink grapefruit and some slices for show. We took our drinks outside and had ourselves a few sweet moments with this hot little bitter beauty.

It was so pleasant I thought I'd share this flavour inspiration with you today, just in time for your first spring weekend. You also might want to try this Campari lovely. I do.

Cheers to lazy drinks outdoors, t-shirts, bare feet, and the sun setting later and later. I'm so ready.

Campari with Ginger and Pink Grapefruit

Serves 2

60ml Campari
A few thin matchsticks of fresh Ginger (more if you like a prominent ginger flavour)
2 tablespoons Pink Grapefruit Juice, plus a few rounds or wedges for the glasses
A handful ice-cubes (or these sweet whisky stones)
Optional: sparkling water

1. Bruise the ginger in a mortar and pestle, then add them to the glasses. Alternatively you can grate the ginger but this will create ginger floaties, which aren't the loveliest texture.
2. Add the ice or stones to the glasses with the Campari, grapefruit juice and wedges. Taste and adjust for flavour as desired (add sparkling water if you wish). Keep in mind as the ice-cubes melt it will dilute the mixture.

Heidi xo