Today, Bread

Breakfast today is bread, toasted.

In my opinion, bread that is not precisely fresh will always benefit from a gentle toasting. Even if it's the day after baking, I reach for the toaster. It's the crisp contrast I'm after, playing with starch and moisture and heat. It's science. It's cool.

This loaf was baked on Saturday and it's wonderful. Of course it is, my Dad made it. His sourdough is the stuff of dreams and has given me a new appreciation for the practice of baking and breaking bread.

Recently I have written a few articles on this topic of bread for Food for Thought, a website by Marte Marie Forsberg, which you can read here. If you're not already aware of, and in love with, Marie's photographs and words, you might like to check out her website and follow her on instagram. Her pictures have the ability to warmly capture brief moments that feel like a lifetime lived. Slow living - a cup of tea with friends, a walk in the country with your dog, making a pot of soup on an Autumn Sunday... she makes these moments feel rich and beautiful and important, which they are.

Indeed, good bread is important too, and this is what I wrote about in my article.

Today I'm sitting down for a morning slice, celebrating simplicity. One slice, small and elongated, with almond butter, extra virgin olive oil and a sprinkle of sea salt. Plus a bowl of natural yoghurt with brazil nuts and honey. Coffee also, but later.

Happy bread day, friends.

Heidi xo

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