Put Tabasco On It

We're a pro-Tabasco household. When in doubt, put Tabasco on it. Fried rice? Sure. Eggs? Niiiice. Fish tacos? Heck yeah.

I've been told the green Tabasco is a bit lame. Though that's not really the right word. I wanted to tell you I have been called a pussy for going for the mild, green Tabasco as opposed to the hot red stuff (fair call)... but was trying to be a little more genteel than that, and so I put "pussy" into a synonym generator website. Don't do that.

The point is we favour the green chilli sauce but will accept all Tabasco offerings. It's a new love, this Tabasco business, but it's a sure thing. One or two bottles live permanently in our fridge door, keenly clinking as we open it, reminding us to add a little to any and all of our dishes. Though I'm yet to make Tabasco porridge. And I don't think I will.

Last week I made roasted sweet potatoes for dinner, loading them with black beans, spiced flathead fillets (from our local fish guy, who I'll talk about in an upcoming post), smashed avocado and coriander, with a side of garlicy sauteed zucchini (the first of our CSA harvest from Transition Farm!). That meal begged for Tabasco and so we obliged, liberally. Tabasco is like salt in that it lifts the dish, vividly, making every mouthful more jazzy. Pizazz, that's what it gives. Even the green, mild Tabasco.

When in doubt, put Tabasco on it.

Happy weekend, folks. I'll baking and eating bread, and hopefully watching this. I'm fairly certain Tabasco will be used at some point.

Heidi xo