Gingerbread Summer

Winter tones in Summer. It's fine. I can deal with warming spice, a hot mug of coffee and temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius. Just as long as it's not humid, right? I do not manage well in thick heat. I do, however, harbour an ability to uncompromisingly pursue my food cravings. And, friends, I needed this granola.

Yesterday morning, after drooling over lovely Dana's recipe on Monday night, I made a batch for Ben and I. Fresh from the oven with, oh, about fifteen minutes cooling time, and served by the handful atop of little bowls filled with yoghurt and milk, it was one of the loveliest breakfasts we've had in a while. Not so subtly spiced and just sweet enough, it felt terribly festive and appropriate for gift giving. This will be the recipe I make for Christmas presents this year.

Homemade gifts are my favourite. Bonus points if they're edible. For a quick option, I encourage you to make your own vanilla extract (it's a lot simpler than it sounds). Last year I got a bunch of little bottles, added a whole, split vanilla bean and filled them with rum. Done! (let your recipient know it should infuse for a few months before consuming). Homemade nut butter is another favourite, as is a personalised batch of muesli or granola. This year I'm going with granola. Gingerbread granola in Summer...somehow it feels right.

Gingerbread Granola (recipe link)

Some recipe notes: I used olive oil in place of coconut oil, which will not be a surprise (read this post). I also doubled the spice content and certainly added ground cloves (freshly pounded in my mortar & pestle) - I do not feel the cloves are optional, I think they make it!! For the nuts, I only had whole almonds on hand so that is what I used. I also used raw sugar, and just a touch less than recommended.


Today for breakfast I had another bowl of gingerbread granola with yoghurt and milk. Coffee also, strong and black. For a fancy-pants breakfast, perhaps on Christmas morning, I think swapping the milk and yoghurt for rich, organic cream would be outrageously good and even more festive. It feels right.

Heidi xo