Please and Thank You

Our niece and nephew live in a different country, and therefore we don't see them all that often. Aged six and a half and three and a half (those halves really matter), they change a lot between visits and I never feel like I can keep up. Just as I'm learning all the names of trains in an effort to impress a certain small, impossibly cute gentleman, he moves onto something else. They're always teaching us things, from Chinese phrases and songs, to how to make the best mango smoothie ("you really need vanilla extra but you can use yoghurt instead of ice-cream if you don't have any"). They're also showing us how much our hearts can grow and that we had better be prepared to move and dance and discover the world with unaffected and curious eyes...because they're not stopping or waiting. And we don't want to miss it.


♥ Visiting Ashcombe Maze, dancing in the lavender and eating Transition Farm snow peas.
♥ Tasting cider and sparkling apple juice at Mock Red Hill.
♥ Picking strawberries and eating strawberry ice-cream (it's farm fresh!!) at Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm.
♥ Making and eating pizza at my parents' house in Red Hill, after meeting the chooks, picking lemons and sneaking up on birds.
♥ Learning how to throw a frisbee, making friends at the beach and playing on the swings.
♥ Just generally stealing our hearts.

Heidi xo