Wednesday Things

Just a little post today. Some Wednesday things and thoughts. This week I was particularly efficient in scheduling clients, only leaving the home on Monday and tomorrow, Thursday. Yesterday and today are home days, involving with some recipe development work for a client and a lot of laundry. I plan on wearing my pyjamas for longer than appropriate...until bedtime. The rain yesterday and last night was particularly delicious, and I want to keep the cozy going.

Breakfast was cacao overnight oats with toasted pepitas and coconut flakes. It was nice, but I've been feeling a little indifferent towards food of late. I think the festive season was a little too seasoned, and I just can't be bothered with it all. While I'm usually to be found devouring recipe books and food blogs with gusto, always hungry for more, these days I'm more into Charlotte and Emily Brontë, dreaming up outfit choices for the three weddings I have coming up in March (on the 8th, the 14th and the 15th!!) and gazing at/stroking/lying on/straightening/gazing at our new Laura Ashley bedspread (which I scored on sale thanks to a tip from Mum).

Last night while Ben was finishing work, I stood in the kitchen doing the dishes with Moonstruck playing in the background. I wanted to see more of Cher and Brooklyn so I kept watching and made these oats. Otherwise breakfast may have just been vegemite toast. Actually, that sounds pretty good. Lunch shall be toast. Happy Wednesday, folks.

Heidi xo