Things, lately

I have some thoughts, all a bit random. Here they are.

♥ I updated the recipe (and picture) for one of my most favourite dishes - tuna, chilli and lemon pasta. Ben and I have long been obsessed (yes, certifiably obsessed) with this dish, and so it wasn't a surprise when I wrote about it soon after starting this blog. But over the years I have refined my pasta game, in terms of both ingredients and method, and so it needed revisiting. You can read about thoughts from my 24, soon to be 25, year old brain here (link) and enjoy this recipe that remains a staple in our diet. In fact, the new photo is from just last week.

♥ I was interviewed for SBS's Kitchen Farmacy column, which was super fun! You can find it here (link) and read about why I'm became obsessed with breakfast. I mean, I liked breakfast, always, but it was never my reason for getting out of bed. My brothers and I grew up eating bowls of porridge for breakfast, or Dad’s honey, cinnamon, banana toast. Sunday was croissant day. It wasn’t until attending University that I really started to care about what I ate in the morning. It was all Red Hill Muesli then, with yoghurt...what brand was I obsessed with again?.....Ah! Jalna vanilla yoghurt. Yep. Obsessed. I ate a giant bowl of that muesli and yoghurt every day for breakfast during my first year of Uni when I lived on campus. It gave me the strength to run away from the geese that hung around the pond near my dorm room, and helped me stay awake during biology lessons.

♥ I was also interviewed by Soma Organics, describing what I ate on a particular day. That was ace, they're lovely. You can find the article here (link).

♥ Dinner (and sometimes lunch) lately has been everything summer and everything nostalgic. My brothers and I loved the plates mum would served for dinner on hot summer evenings. She'd open a tin of tuna and a tin of corn kernals, make some sort of salad arrangement with lettuce, tomato and cucumber, perhaps snow peas...there'd be boiled eggs and some sort of potato (roasted, steamed into potato salad or oven chips perhaps). And to finish it all off, a seafood sauce - mayonnaise + tomato sauce + curry powder. It was all kinds of awesome. I've been introducing Ben to this way of eating and he's into it, even the seafood sauce (which I didn't make for yesterday's lunch, photographed below). Our potato of choice? Sicilian potato salad (yesterday with parsley instead of onions). And fresh corn on the cob from Transition Farm makes the whole situation even better.

Joy the Baker introduced me to the column Grub Street Diet. Here, people (writers, actors, people in the food world, etc) keep a food journal for about 5 days and describe what and where they eat. It's awesome. It's essentially my job without me giving feedback and counselling. Joy herself was recently featured and of course it's a highly entertaining read that, naturally, left me wanting doughnuts. You can find the link here.

♥ In the world of TV viewing, I recently was gifted a disc full of the series Happy Valley. It's an intense crime drama set in Yorkshire, England. Good TV is a pretty rare thing these days, in my opinion, and sometimes (often) short is sweeter, so I really appreciate a mini-series that starts and ends high without killing off all the spouses (Downton Abbey, I'm looking at you).

♥ Another summer perk has been smoothies. I've been going nuts on them lately, using whatever fruit I have on hand and blending it together with milk, Greek yoghurt, honey, chia seeds and some cinnamon. It's a simple and energising snack that goes down so well, particularly after a beach visit. Oh yes, we've been making the most of our location and walking to the beach for a swim and some sand time whenever we can. Last night we had fish and chips with my parents and grandparents. This summer, I tell's turning out to be pretty spectacular.

Happy weekend, folks. I hope it's filled with sunshine, smoothies and seafood sauce.

Heidi xo
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