"Let's add some plums", and other good things my mum does

Those who know my Mum will not be surprised to hear that she has already found us a highchair for bubs at a vintage-goods sale. It's old and sturdy and she totally had to fight a lady for it. That's my Mum for you, scoring second-hand gems since forever.

Do you know what I realised the other day? Precisely thirty years ago, my Mum was pregnant with me. And she would have been pretty much at the same stage I am, as our bub will be born one to two weeks before my thirtieth birthday. That makes me feel things, things like affection, appreciation, understanding and connection. She is already such an incredible grandmother and we feel very thankful for her, and my gorgeous mother-in-law too. Our baby is very lucky. Side note, Mum is trying to figure out a Grandparent name that suits her. We will probably just see what comes at the time, what feels right, but if you have any suggestions, please leave them below. Nana, Nanny and anything in the realm of Granny are out for various reasons.

I must say, I'm impressed with how Mum has held off on buying things for the baby. She knows that Ben and I don't like a lot of STUFF, though we know that we're going to NEED a lot of stuff...this is a tricky one, which we'll surely get over soon, but I predict we'll be fussy for a while. It's our first baby so I'm rolling with the pickiness and researching mattresses made with organic fibres. Check in about five months time and I'll probably be like "whatever, who cares"...but right now, I do care. Note this is TOTALLY a cry for help, so please send any recommendations for mattresses, cots, prams, you name it my way! But anyway, this highchair? I'm glad she snagged and gifted it to us. I'm blessed, blessed with a Mum who makes Ben zucchini slice when he's been working longer hours than usual, who sends little texts to check in on bubs and plan shopping dates with me (so I can buy bigger bras, bigger jeans, bigger underwear, bigger EVERYTHING)...a Mum who buys our baby their first pair of impossibly cute booties from the knitting ladies at Flinders Op Shop.

Thank you, Mum. These are entirely, outrageously cute.

Mum also invited us over and made slow-cooked lamb the other week (recipe link). And because we had a surplus of plums (indeed this was the night we ate her spelt plum cake), she added some to the lamb dish, in the final 20 minutes of cooking. The veg and wine went through a chinois to make that great gravy and we had Dad's bread, offensively fresh from the oven. It was all, predictably, outstanding.

Thank you, Mum, for the lamb, the plums, the highchair, the booties, the love.

Heidi xo