Wednesday Breakfast of Figs

Mum and Dad's fig tree was particularly fruitful this season. On Monday I took some home from my Mornington clinic, where I worked with the folks and now, for breakfast, I am enjoying two fresh figs at my new Richmond clinic. Together with yoghurt and muesli, they make a sweet morning meal.

I've started consulting from Richmond, which is right near Ben's office, gradually building up a workload. I'll need a break from September, as our baby will be making his/her arrival and will no doubt keep me busy. Then I hope to reopen in full force at Richmond at the start of the year, perhaps consulting once a week or once a fortnight, we'll see. I'll continue consulting from Mornington as soon as I get into the groove with bubs - as I work with my parents my hours are very flexible and can just duck in for a consult, coordinating with Mum and Dad for babysitting duties. My goodness, it's starting to feel very real. Tomorrow we hit the halfway mark. And yesterday we had our big scan! I'll go into more detail at my next pregnancy update, but everything went really well, bubs looks beautiful and healthy and so snug.

Happy Wednesday, friends. We're off on a road trip for Ben's work tomorrow after dinner with friends tonight. Bolognaise is on the menu (our friend makes a mean bolognaise sauce). I hope your Wednesday is equally delicious.

Heidi xo