sweet potato for breakfast is a great idea

I rarely deviate from my usual breakfast provisions. Most mornings I'll reach for our jar of rolled oats, then some nuts and seeds, Greek yoghurt will come out of the fridge and I'll create a meal using these reliable goods, whether porridge of varyingflavours or stovetop granola. Or I might have some regular granola on hand (that is, if Ben hasn't eaten it all).

Yesterday, while in the shops picking up parmesan cheese and a coffee for Ben, I spotted some sweet potatoes looking perfectly sized for one hungry pregnant lady. There were a bunch of avocados on sale (and by "on sale", I mean they were $3 each instead of $6), so I grabbed two and danced like it was Christmas morning. Last night, after bolognaise on the couch with the final season of Mad Men (sniff), I peeled then roasted that sweet potato in the oven for 40 minutes, wrapped in foil and seasoned with sea salt, black pepper and extra virgin olive oil. I closed it tight for the first 30 minutes then opened it up to crisping opportunities in the final 10 or so. This morning I added a bunch of Transition Farm spinach and, together with the sweet potato, threw it in the microwave at Ben's work for a couple of minutes, before decorating my plate with toasted pepitas and some of that prized avocado.

Sweet potato for breakfast is a great idea.

Heidi xo

PS. It's also a great idea to carry quality sea salt in your bag. You know, for when you come across an under-seasoned jar of peanut butter or if you happened to have a roasted sweet potato on hand that needs extra salt.