A Quince Gift

I awoke this morning to a killer leg cramp. My left calf was contracting and would NOT relax, no matter how I stretched my foot or rested my leg. I have been dealing with leg cramps for a while, it's a common pregnancy issue, but nothing like this one. I will look into ways to manage cramps better, but if anything it was an exercise in breathing through something your body is doing that cannot be relieved as easily as you'd like. Good practice for September, I suppose...

In other, much sweeter news, my friend Emily dropped by some quince she had poached yesterday as a gift. This morning I knew precisely what I'd like to top our porridge bowls with - toasted almonds and sunflower seeds, dollops of greek yoghurt and spoonfuls of poached quince.

I adore quince, this is no secret. And I presently have three sitting in my fruit bowl, begging to be cooked. Thankfully I am working from home all day today, creating the perfect slow-poaching conditions. After I press "publish" on this post, I am off to turn the oven on and find my vegetable peeler. Have a lovely day, folks.

Heidi xo