Porridge with Blackstrap Molasses

It's not exactly honey, nor as pleasantly sweet as maple syrup, but blackstrap molasses has found its way onto my porridge bowl. The bite is strong, spiced and, yes, a little bitter, but it's rather lovely. Bittersweet, rather. It's got gumption. You see, after questioning my iron stores I looked to increase my intake in a variety of ways. Red meat, sure, I'm having this more often during the week, but plant-based sources, too, which I can eat daily and are rather cost effective. Unsulphured blackstrap molasses, this thick, black, luxurious, tar-like sugar syrup, has been on my mind (and spoon) because of its' rich mineral content. And though the flavour is unique and perhaps not what you'd naturally crave at 7:45am, I'm quite please to be using my jar for porridge purposes. Something beyond black sticky gingerbread...though that cake is divine.

This morning, I topped my bowl of creamy rolled oat porridge with toasted pepitas, a spoonful of natural peanut butter, sea salt and blackstrap molasses. Porridge with gumption.

Heidi xo