Bring your toaster to work day

I'm up in the city today for a couple of work gigs and a dinner date with a friend. Toast was on my mind after I showed up to work on Monday to see a loaf of Dad's homemade sourdough in my tray (this batch was made with 30% wholegrain flour! Way to bring in the grains, Dad.)

Anyway, Ben doesn't have a toaster at his office so I brought my toaster to his work. This girl wanted her morning toast.

Two slices of sourdough, topped with almond butter and sea salt. One with mixed berry jam, the other with maple syrup and cacao nibs. And a weak latte. Oh lordy, do I love my weak lattes. Happy Wednesday!

ps. I most definitely cannot button up this coat up anymore. The belly keeps's awesome.


Heidi xo