Baby Blessing

I'm lost for words. Well, I'm lost for the correct words. Ones that might truly articulate how thankful I am right now. But I'll try.

I'm thankful for this little baby I am growing and its' strong, sure, happy heartbeat. I am thankful for the joy he/she already brings, for the way he/she kicks and dances and hiccups, breaking my heart with all the sweetness. I am thankful that I am becoming a mother.

I am thankful for my best friend, the guy who helped me create this little life. The one who spends every day with me being dorks and having the very best time, just because we're together. We are quite uncertain how we will handle this new baby, in that we worry we will be unable to stop staring at it and will henceforth let it rule our lives by way of its' cuteness. Oh, to see face of the sweetie we created so very soon...a mix of the two of us. What magic.

I am thankful for my parents for showing me endless love and support, and defining selflessness by way of their sweet, nurturing love.

I am thankful for my brother, for his innocence and open heart, for his desire to only ever make me happy (ever since he was a child) and the fact that he will be the most darling, doting uncle.

I am thankful for my grandparents and their inspiring love.

I am thankful for my in-laws with their excitement and generosity of heart. And for creating their son.

And I am thankful for my tribe, for the women in my life who want nothing more than for me to feel happiness, fulfilment and joy, and for me to flourish as a mother. The thought of these ladies gathering at my home last weekend to celebrate the soon arrival of our baby makes me cry. They are all amazing, accomplished and special in their own right, and to have a room full of them...well, it was entirely too much for my heart to handle. Our baby is blessed to have so many beautiful Aunties wishing him/her health and happiness, watching over the three of us and wishing Ben, baby and I all of the joy in the world. No, I cannot quite articulate how I am feeling right now. Blessed only begins to touch on it.

Here are some photographs from our baby party over the weekend.

♥ There was a BAKED POTATO BAR with all the toppings you might fancy (including many made by our dear friend Rosa, from caponata to Tuscan kale salad). I chose this menu for three reasons - one: I have been loving potatoes during this pregnancy, so it felt appropriate. Two: this dish is completely customisable so everyone can find something that they will enjoy. Three: it's a cost effective party option (real talk). My dad was a wolf in the kitchen (that's a good thing, right? It's meant to be) - washing dishes, serving up food and making coffee, all the while wearing a flower crown and a badge (that he totally made himself for the occasion).

♥ We drank San Pellegrino sparkling grapefruit and lemonade because, again, I had a craving. This was purely a selfish menu choice, as we went for cute single serve bottles and skipped the champagne.

♥ For dessert we served APPLE PIE and DOUGHNUTS from Johnny Ripe with cream, and Rosa and her mum Pina made treats including Pina's famous SFINCI (her Sicilian doughnuts are my most favourite sweet treat). Those sfinci were positively demolished by the crowd! My ladies have good taste.

Along with eating we made flower crowns (thank you to mum for foraging and setting up all that beauty, and to Robin for making my perfect crown), and ladies who could knit (of which there were quite a few) knitted some squares to be joined into a special blanket for our little cherub. Thank you to Monika, mum and Sylvia, amongst all the other ladies including my nana, for taking charge with this and doing all the crafty things I cannot. We also had a peek at bubs' room upstairs (which is almost ready) and mum read some notes to us all from a book that she was gifted when carrying her first born. Mum had all the ladies there sign the book with words of love before passing it on to me. I haven't been able to read yet because I worry I won't have enough tissues in the house.

The following day Ben and I collapsed on the couch eating leftover sfinci while opening the presents gifted by our friends. From a baby bjorn bouncer to the sweetest onesies, and from a bib all the way from Rome and adorable sandals from Italy to disposable change mats and an Aesop travel pack for me at the hospital. I cried again while opening the presents and have been teary while writing thank you cards this week. Our little one is so loved. We are so loved...and blessed. And thankful.

baby blessing.png
Heidi xo