Three Spring Birthdays

It was always going to be a sweet one, my first birthday as a mother. My family's birthdays are all within six weeks of one another, and already we've celebrated my thirtieth, followed by my younger brother and mother's birthdays over the long weekend. All of them were sweeter than usual because our babe was here, gifting cuddles. 

The morning of my birthday was slow and perfect, with cuddles and presents, followed by a walk and a brunch date where we ate eggs and coffee. The rest of my day was spent holding my almost 4 week old baby Joan and memorising her coos. In the evening my family came together at my parents' house for a meal of my favourites: slow-cooked lamb shoulder with red wine gravy, roasted vegetables (including duck fat potatoes), and sparkling shiraz (mumma's first tipple!). To follow, chocolate olive oil mousse. My mother spoilt me with the most beautiful meal. I didn't realise when I became a mother that my own mother would nurture me even more dearly, but she has. Mum knew her most important role in these early days as Joan's grandmother was to take care of Ben and I, with cooking and cleaning and shopping. It does wonders to your sleep-deprived outlook to have a clean bathroom and a full fridge. We would have managed without her, most certainly, but her selflessness has made these first weeks at home all the more special. Oh, but the most special thing on this day was seeing my darling daughter in an outfit my Nana knitted for me when I was as a baby. Baby Joan, you are the sweetest little cherub. How were you not always here? Thank you for letting me kiss your nose, cheeks, eyes and lips three hundred times more than usual on my birthday. You are so good to your mumma.

For my brother and a few of his friends on his birthday, my parents made scotch quail eggs (this recipe but baked like this), woodfired pizza and lemon curd bites. It was a perfect Spring day so we ate outside, all of us appreciating the sun hug. And then for mum's birthday the following day, we ate potato and leek torte (with olive oil pastry) and savoured some moments in my parents' garden.

Three perfect days, all of us so very happy with our present reality.




Heidi xo