Things I don't want to forget

Things I don't want to forget about these newborn days with baby Joan...

♥ The sounds you make when nursing, the gulps and sweet sighs of contentment.

♥ The way you look at the light coming through the windows with such curiosity and awe.

♥ Your exquisite execution when passing gas - you'll grunt, move your head, lift your leg in arabesque and let it rip.

♥ The way you snuggle into my chest when you're calm.

♥ Your face and hands as you "startle", like the conductor of an orchestra and/or as though you're doing Michael Jackson's Thriller dance. This is fading as you get older and I'll surely miss the moves.

♥ The way your eyes light up when your dad sings and talks to you. Also, when I play Mindy Gledhill to you. These are two things you heard endlessly in the womb and now,when you're upset, they're the equivalent of a tranquiliser.

♥ You, hiccupping. Daily. It's too much.

♥ The high-pitched sigh you let out after you sneeze.

♥ Your face when outside in the Spring sunshine and gentle wind. Baby loves the breeze.

♥ Your fast and strong breaths.

♥ How soft your hair is.

♥ How sweet your hair smells.

♥ Your dear little yawn.

♥ How special I feel that you prefer your dad and I best.

♥ The lump-in-my-throat, overwhelming honour I feel at being your mother.

Heidi xo