First Dip

We're getting these random hot days as Spring comes to a close and Summer flirts with full-time sunshine (well, as full-time as we get in our corner of the world). Last week we were gifted a day of persisting warmth and so, after Ben finished work and baby Joan had a feed, we headed down to the beach...

Our Joan is now 12 weeks old, and over the past week in particular we've noticed a remarkable increase in her perception and awareness of the world. She starts the day wide eyed and talkative, and ends the day a cuddly koala. I'm learning ways to keep her calm in the evenings, after a day of stimulation and play and digesting (such hard work, baby!). Getting outside in the cool breeze is one of them. We still invariably get the tired tears, but this helps (as does bouncing on our fitball and blasting the hair dryer).

Joan was curious about the sand, squishing in her toes and having a good feel and gaze and the sand and her feet...though she was unfazed by the water, giving us no real reaction besides, "yep, this is happening." Ben caught these photos and they melt my heart. Our little girl, out in the world, experiencing and learning, filling her beautiful mind with feelings of wonder.

Stay tuned for a big (seriously big) three month update in the coming weeks. A whole bunch of baby thoughts coming at you. I'll be posting probably about once a week for the next little while, give or take a few days. Thoughtful posts are taking longer to complete at the moment, as I find the days with my little love fly by in a sea of sweet kisses, sleepy afternoons, extensive meal prepping, baby belly tickling and avocado toast eating. If you'd like more updates from our little world you can always follow me on Instagram

Heidi xo
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