Happenings, 19.2.16

DOING: waiting for Joan to wake up so I can feed her and make a coffee! She's started to take hour and a half-long naps in the morning, often getting sleepy and starting them while out on our morning walk. Once we get home I just leave her sleeping in the Ergo carrier and reply to emails, read articles like this and this, and do a bit of writing, while I wait for her to wake.

HEARING:Billie Holiday. I go through phases with music, listening to one album over and over before moving on to the next. One singer I always go back to is Billie Holiday. She makes me sway and smile. Her version of I'll be seeing you is a favourite, and it reminds me of The Notebook, a movie I unabashedly adore. I watched that when I was about 35 weeks pregnant and I was beside myself, weeping to Ben, "They love each other sooooo much!", to which he replied, "I told you not to watch that movie".

COOKING: It's been a granola month over here. I felt inspired to create my own honey and peanut butter granola, which worked out pretty well, but my favourite remains granola no.5, of which we've recently made two batches. Served with greek yoghurt AND milk. I also tried a new ragu recipe this month, which came highly recommended from the Food52 community. Ben and I loved it! Though next time I'd add fresh basil to the sauce, include pancetta as recommended and maybe swap the sausage for beef mince. Or I'd find a better, more flavourful sausage, but really I try to keep sausages and cured meats to an occasional indulgence because of the preservatives. Unless you go preservative-free! We're going to be ordering from these folk soon, as recommended to me by a lovely blog reader.

EATING: Besides a whole lotta granola? We've been devouring fresh vegetables from Transition Farm, with the return of our weekly CSA veggie box delivery. I forgot how carrots and capsicum should taste.

DRINKING: sparkling water and coconut water. Do you like coconut water? It's a little weird, I can see why my mum thinks I am nuts. She's kind of right in that it does tastes a little like sweat, but I love it. I'm not drinking alcohol, purely because my desire for wine is not enough for me to go to the effort of pumping, getting Joan to take a bottle, sterilising and all that jazz, however the thought of a glass of chilled, dry prosecco does make my heart flutter. Coconut water in a wine glass is as good as it's getting right now. I might be drinking sweat water, but gosh darn it, that sweat water is in a fancy glass.

READING:Baby-Led Weaning (and the cookbook) (library loans), Dumbo feather magazine, Cooking for Mr Latte. I think I'd like to get stuck into a good, easy fiction read - nothing too heavy and nothing too trashy, something along the lines of Kate Morton The Secret Keeper...any recommendations?

WANTING: A Dyson vacuum cleaner, the ones that are upright and easy to grab and use, like these handstick ones. It's so not going to happen, because look at the price tag, but a girl can dream. LOOKING: up cafes to visit in Sydney. Ben, bubs and I are off on a mini getaway (for Joan and I) and work trip (for him)! In fact, this post is coming out on a Friday so we'll already have been there (here?) for a day.

PLAYING: Peek-a-boo. Joan LOVES it when I jump out from behind the couch or a cupboard, her reaction is the cutest thing. I could do it again and again and again, and in fact, I do.

DECIDING: on what clothes to pack for Sydney. We're talking about Joan's clothes of course, her wardrobe is far cuter than mine. I must remember how humid it can get up there, it always shocks and slaps me in the face.

ENJOYING: Our king size bed. Yep, we got one, both a mattress and base on sale at Forty Winks. Even though it was massively on sale, it was still a splurge, but gee whiz we looooooooooooove it. And all three of us are sleeping much better now. I will write more about this on the upcoming post about months 4-6 with baby Joan.

WONDERING: how bubs will go on her flight to Sydney. I have a feeling she'll love it, but there's also the possibility that her ears may be sensitive to the air pressure change and she'll be in a bit of pain. Well, I guess I'll know by now! Luckily she can just sit on me and suck. I'm actually really looking forward to the plane ride.

LOVING: how I feel so much more confident as a mum lately. We're almost at the six month mark, and for the past couple of months I've been feeling so strong and proud and assured in my role as Joan's mother. Again, there's more on that to come in the upcoming baby post. I'm also loving doing a few yoga moves and stretches each morning. They help me feel strong and alert.

BUYING: today Joan and I went to the shops to run a few errands and I left with a couple of "me" purchases. I bought a second cake nursing bra (about time) and some Eco store fragrance-free lip balm.

PLANNING: what I'm going to make for two sets of friendship groups who are coming over next week (on two separate days). I love these mums and bubs play dates. I'd love to make these but may end up making some simple date balls if I don't have time. And if I really don't have time, it'll be dates and nuts on a plate haha. But I'd like to do some baking...perhaps these or these, which I've made before. Send any must-bake recipes my way!

WATCHING: A couple of weeks ago we bought an apple tv, and I have no idea what that means but we can rent movies from it and I like that. Ben and I have recently watched The Intern, which I loved because I love everything Nancy Meyers makes (she's my feel-good movie maker) and Inside Out. Well, half of Inside Out. Joan has been very wakeful and not sleeping without me next to her over the past week. Midway into the movie she woke and wouldn't settle without the mumma snuggles, so we'll have to rent that one again.

CONSIDERING: I seriously cannot think of anything to write here. So I guess I am considering where my brain has gone...

WEARING: always always always, lately it's yoga pants, baggy tshirts  and singlet tops that I can pull down and whip out the boob when necessary, bare feet or converse and my hair in a pony tail. Based on looks at doctors clinics and cafes, the difference between "oh, you look cute" and "oh, you look tired" when wearing this outfit seems to be whether my hair is freshly washed. And for when I want to get a little dressed up, I have been loving this comfy dress.

CRAVING: fish tacos and margaritas.

SAVOURING: baby Joan snuggles. I imagine that when she can move on her own, she will be less interested in me as a transportation devise. So for now, I am savouring those snuggles as we dance around the house and move from room to room, tidying, cooking, cleaning and playing. She's so snuggly!

FEELING: tired. These wakeful weeks are wearing on me. I am also feeling incredibly excited for our Sydney trip (clearly I need to get out of the house more). And lastly, despite the tiredness and wondering when will I ever sleep for a solid block again, I am indescribably happy.

Heidi xo

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