While The Babe Naps

Good morning!

Thank you for being sweet and leaving comments here and on instagram about my new site. Honestly it doesn't require a grand reveal or hype, I haven't laboured over anything, nor will it take up much of my time in the future. Rather, it's simply a place for me to share and connect with others, and maybe snoop a little. Let me explain.

The website is called While The Babe Naps, and it will be here that I will share a snap every so often, capturing what I am up to in that moment while Joan is sleeping. The concept extends from the post I wrote on self-care, encouraging us all to make sure we are doing little things for ourselves, things that help us feel good and full and bright (or as good and full and bright as possible in our current reality, whatever that may be). You can read more on whilethebabenaps.com, I won't explain much more now, as it's all there, and I'm currently in a bit of a rush to get to the shops and buy some baby Fess ("for little noses" - too cute!). But I wanted you to know what my new site is about and to ask you to send me your submissions! I want to see what you're up to while your babies nap. My hope is that While The Babe Naps will be a place to show what people from all over the world are doing during those sleepy minutes. And that's it! I won't be pitching for individuals to contribute beyond this callout (though I may bug my friends - you have been warned!!), as doing so feels very inorganic to me. Honestly I'd rather spend my time leisurely reading or cooking - you know, living what I'm harping on about. Instead I plan on relying on the fact that many of us like to feel connected and see what others are up to, especially those of us who stay at home with babies, and so perhaps, hopefully, you'll feel encouraged to send me a snapshot of your reality via a photograph and a few words. As well as mums, dads, grandparents, aunties, uncles, nannies, this also extends to people with older kids who aren't napping anymore. You will hopefully have a few moments for yourself when your little one is alseep, whether in the morning or at night (hopefully both) for you to practice a little self-care. The truth is that for many people, work and emails and study are pressing and need attention, I get that, however I'd still love to see a picture. And who knows, maybe by scrolling through the site you'll feel encouraged to make a cup of tea and a snack to eat while you're working? That'd be nice. And for those naps when all that awaits us is washing up, I say screw it! Have a shower, make yourself some hot cocoa and bake a batch of granola instead. And take a photograph of it. I want to know what is going on in your world.

I'm truly quite excited to see who I might hear from. Though if you see my posts often I suppose that will mean I've had a lull in submissions and need to fill that space...and that's cool, you all know I love to journal and this is simply another space for me to do just that. Below is my first contribution, taken a couple of months ago, shortly before I had the idea to share these moments. Over on the website you'll find a more detailed post than this, so do head over there, but the format below is what I'll be sharing in every feature - WHO, WHEN, WHERE & WHAT. It's as simple as that. What excites me is how my when, where and what will change over the seasons, as my baby grows, as the novelty of having time to myself wears off (wait, does it ever?), as I go back to work, as life happens... it won't always be crackers and a book, but for now, this is my world.

Friends, I'd love to hear what you're up to while your babe naps.

Who: Heidi. Mumma to Joan, aged 6 months.
When: Friday 12th February, 11:52am. Where: Mornington Peninsula, Australia. My bathroom and the couch.
What: eating lunch and reading a book. Eating: a salad made with rocket, cucumber, tomato, spring onion, avocado, fresh basil, oil-packed canned salmon and a side of Dr Karg's crackers. Reading: Dumbo Feather magazine.

Heidi xo