Happenings 21.10.16

DOING: typing on my computer while Joan naps. I'm 2.5 days into a virus sickness thing and it's kinda floored me. I've been out of action - not doing work besides replying to emails, not going on walks, not doing much of anything. I'm a firm believer in resting when unwell. But today I feel a little more up to things. I'm even typing, look at me go! Update: it's been a week since I began this post, and I'm all better now. I wrote it mostly when I was unwell, with a few updates here and there.

HEARING: my neighbour take their bin down their driveway.

DRINKING: right now, a coffee with CoCo Quench.

EATING + COOKING: bleh, food has been highly unappealing during this sickness. My nausea was reminiscent of first trimester days, it REALLy took me back and got me both excited to hopefully fall pregnant in the coming years and curious as to how I will manage caring a little person while being sick. Update: over the weekend when my appetite returned I made my favourite banana pancakes and they were gooooooooooood.

WANTING: to feel 100% again. Nothing like a virus or something temporary to make you appreciate how blessed you are to be here and to be healthy.

PLAYING: I am going through a massive Feist stage. I am obsessed with her album The Reminder and play it on repeat. Joan loves this one (she stops everything and bounces up and down, dancing, when it comes on), while my favourite is The Park. It's hauntingly beautiful.

DECIDING: whether to make burritos bowls with beef mince or spaghetti bolognese tonight. Tough call, folks...tough call. Nausea is funny. I remember when I was pregnant, in the first trimester it was less about what I was craving and more about what I could actually feel like I could stomach. The range of foods was narrow. And during this little virus thing, the one food that has sounded appealing has been spaghetti bolognese. Update: I made burrito bowls - we had more of the ingredients and I couldn't be bothered to go to the shops again. I'm also deciding what to hang in this space (see pic below) in a corner of our giant bedroom... this day bed is where I like to retreat with a coffee to do work. Another update: we bought this mirror from Kmart and we'll put it up in this space over the weekend.

ENJOYING: the random days of sun. Spring sunshine brings me such joy.LOOKING: right now, I'm looking at a full Bondi Wash bench spray that I recently purchased from Natural Supply Co. I love supporting small businesses. We were sent a gift pack from Natural Supply Co some months ago and I got to trial a few products that are now staples in our house, like this makeup and the bench spray.

LOVING: the age that Joan is at. I could say this at any age, I suppose, as all of them have been wonderful in their own ways. But right now, at 13.5 months, how knowing she is and our interactions are such a treat. It is incredibly rewarding to be able to communicate beyond cries, and makes me even more inspired to be the best person I can for her. There are moments of frustration at this age, as she understands much more than she can communicate verbally, so I will be thrilled when more words come to her. I now understand why people teach their babies sign language! I'm also feeling inspired to do more activities with her beyond the imaginative solo/self play she's doing now - I want to whip out some paints and crayons and other crafty things, which is a big deal as I am not a crafter!! She's slowly attempting to eat less and less (previously she'd attempt to put EVERYTHING in her mouth, as babies do) which gives me confidence that crafting will be more than "let's not eat the paint, sweetheart" on repeat.

BUYING: we're continuing to go through two loaves of sourdough a week, which is new for us, as previously I'd vary our diets with other grains like oats, quinoa, rice... lately though, I've been loving on seeded sourdough from the fruit shop and my dad's sourdough for super easy breakfasts or lunches. It's totally hitting the spot and as I've been run down and then sick, it's been incredibly easy to just slice and spread. My current favourite toppings are: natural nut butter, scrambled eggs, hummus + lemon + rocket, and, of course, avocado + lemon + evoo + chilli + sea salt.

PLANNING: what to cook for a number of brunch dates we have coming up! At the moment I've got roasted asparagus on my mind. Maybe a breakfast ramen bowl too...that may be a tad ambitious, we'll see.

WATCHING: I've been loving Wallander recently. I like that it is well written and the episodes are super long. I can watch them over a few nights and enjoy the suspense. I'm all for slow burning dramas. Over the weekend when Ben was out at a Bucks party, I cozied up in bed and watched Brooklyn. I adored it! Saoirse Rose was incredible, as usual, and the lead male was gorgeous, so Marlon Brando-esque and

SAVOURING: the days when Ben works from home and our schedules line up and he can eat lunch with us. Joan likes it too, as she has another person from who she can steal food (in the pic below Joan is asking Ben for the tomato off his sandwich).

WEARING: my flip flop thongs and denim shorts have come out a number of times over the past month - bring on this warm weather!

READING: I finished The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (and absolutely adored it!), and over the weekend I bought The Girl On The Train. I saw the trailer recently and it looked soooo good, I want to read the book and then go on a cinema date with girlfriends. I haven't been out by myself in the evening, leaving Ben & Joan at home, ever! It's time. I want to see a movie and I want a choc top.

CRAVING:spaghetti bolognese! And after seeing my friend Leah post a pastry picture on her Instagram account this morning, I could really go a croissant.

FEELING: a little faint and funky. While I'm much better than earlier this week, my body is reminding me that this sickness hasn't fully gone. A sunshine weekend of rest and lovely things will do the trick, I'm certain. I am also feeling excited about the fact that I have a session with a client this evening who is from the UK. I adore working with my clients, and to reach as far as the UK is a real treat for me. Update: it's now 5 days since I started this post and I am feeling 100% better. Woot woot! No more faint and funky. We're heading into a busy time with social engagements and house tasks we want to tick off - mow the lawn, fix the clogged drain in the bathroom, hang artwork and mirrors, paint a second cabinet... I can't wait to smash it all out! Is it the weekend yet? (nope, it's Tuesday...drat). But this weekend I don't think I'll be busying myself with house tasks. It's my older brother's birthday on Sunday. He would have turned 34. It's been 9 years since he died, which feels unsettling. I don't know what more to say about that. Not right now. Other than we miss you, David.

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