A Family Walk

I’ve been missing my walks with Joan. Every morning before Walt came along, I would tuck her into our pram and head out for a wander. There’s nothing quite like striding in the cool morning air to invigorate your body and mind. If I’ve had a wakeful night, I CRAVE it. Needless to say, now that I have a newborn and a toddler, I’m craving it more than ever. I haven’t been unable to get up and go, though, as my body has needed rest. I’m also still figuring out how to get the three of us clothed, fed, toileted and out of the house with everything we need before one of us has a blow-out or a meltdown, and I need to begin the cycle again. No, this isn’t the season for swift morning walks. It is, however, the season for weekend strolls; for outdoor adventures as a family of four; and for visiting the shops and Farmer’s Market to stock our kitchen with that which will satisfy the raring appetites of my daughter and I. She’s growing, you see, and I’m helping a person grow, so there’s a lot of eating happening.

A couple of weekends ago, the four of us visited a local walking track. Wandering along at a toddler-friendly pace, we collected leaves and sticks (Joan is really into sticks at the moment), searched for butterflies and pondered a beach visit. It was the first day of summer and Mother Nature had put on a good one. When hunger hit, I unpacked a little picnic from home to tide us over until lunch. We had some chocolate banana cake that I’d baked in a loaf tin and frozen before Walt was born, hummus, Mary’s Crackers and cherry tomatoes (side note: my goodness, how Joan has grown in the 13 months since I shared that cake post. Her hair!). Here are some photographs of our walk, where we got to try out our Silvercross pram in tandem mode for the first time. Prior to Walt’s birth we had been using the pram in single mode, with Joan eagerly awaiting the day she could use it with her sibling. As I have shared before, I’m collaborating with Silvercross to showcase their Wave Sable pram. You can read below why I love it so much. These posts are sponsored but, as always, my opinions are my own. Honestly, it’s an amazing product and I feel lucky to have been chosen to work with Silvercross.


  • The basket space at the bottom is super generous. Inside I can fit multiple bags of groceries, or my big backpack and Joan’s plus our water bottles. You don’t lose the space with the second seat attached, either, which is fab. I also like that the basket is strong and has a waterproof base.

  • The fact that it has seemingly countless configurations (sixteen in total), including one that allows both children to face out and see the world. We’re at the bassinet stage at the moment (which has a gorgeous, soft, bamboo lining) but when Walt is in a seat, we’ll make the most of this and have Joan facing out (navigating our direction, as she does) and Walt facing me (surely feeling comforted that he’s not too far from me/milk). For now, I love that the bassinet is at the top and the toddler seat is at the bottom. Not all prams have this feature.

  • When we go away, we can use the ventilated bassinet for overnight sleeping. Sure, we may not be able to get him to sleep in it, as we can rarely get Walt to go down for any length in our bassinet at home, but we’ll try. If your baby does sleep soundly in a bassinet, this feature would be really useful when travelling.

  • All the different attachments, such as the mosquito nets and the rain covers are of excellent quality. When I unwrapped the rain cover, which is plastic (as covers are), it didn’t smell like cheap plastic and make me not want to put it over my child’s seat (which is what happened in the past with other brands). Each seat also has a pop-out sun visor that blocks the sun from coming into my kids’ eyes when we’re strolling - brilliant.

  • It’s easy to assemble and fold down. It’s also incredibly sturdy and easy to steer. The brake is easy to use, too.

  • The fabric on the seats looks dreamy, is super comfortable and easy to clean. I also love the vegan leather on the handlebars. The whole pram looks BEAUTIFUL.

    Head here for more information on the pram. If you’re considering purchasing one, know that the quality is superb. Silvercross really do give you value for your money.

Heidi xo

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