What we listen to

Hi, folks. I've got bit of a different post for you today. It's about music!

I can't tell you how many messages I get about the tunes I play on my Instagram videos. It seems a lot of people share my tastes! After receiving a bundle of requests to do a blog post on this topic, I am finally sharing a list of my favourites songs.

I play music on my iPhone using the Music app. I don't create playlists (though that would be a good idea), instead I just add songs to my library that take my fancy and then pick them at random. A couple of years ago the radio in my car stopped working, and that saw me focusing on old gems rather than new music (though it's now working and recently I heard the new Taylor Swift song and kind of loved it). 80's pop songs are my favourite mood-boosting tunes, though I also like pop songs from the 60's and 70's. And I LOVE 1920's jazz. I'm not sure why that is, as I didn't listen to jazz growing up, but it just makes me so happy.

In assembling this list, I grouped the songs by era, as well as mood. We certainly gravitate towards softer songs in the early morning and gentle music at dinner time; wind up and wind down kinda tunes. Mid-morning is when the energy really picks up and that tends to continue throughout the day. Joan certainly has her preferences and instructs me what to play, which sees me negotiating hard to get some of my favourites in the mix. Though thankfully our tastes tend to align (though I'll be very happy when she forgets about this song that she heard on the radio and fell in love with). Joan also knows that certain songs mean specific activities; Billie Holiday is the music we pop on while cooking and when it's time for me to retreat to my desk, I write alongside the Pride & Prejudice soundtrack.

Music is a big part of our days. It has the power to transform our mood and will often compel Joan to stop whatever it is she is doing and D A N C E. Here is a list of the songs that are currently making up the soundtrack of our life. I'm constantly adding more tunes and am so very happy to be reminded of great songs or introduced to new ones, so please let me know your favourites in the comments.



60's & 70's:






Along with most of the 60's, 70's and 80's songs, I sometimes throw in some 90's or more recent ones, like:





EVENINGS (to help wind Joan down):


Heidi xo