Christmas 2018

Pausing at the window before bed on Christmas Eve, wondering when Santa will come, then waking up early and running to the Christmas tree to see if he had been. Gifting and opening presents. Making fruit salad and “Christmas juice” (fresh watermelon + frozen raspberries + fresh mint). Gifting and opening more presents at my parents’ house in Red Hill, followed by a traditional lunch with all the trimmings (including two kinds of stuffing and duck fat potatoes) and plum pudding (made with suet and served with boozy cream sauce). Spending the night at my folks’ home and struggling to put Joan to bed. Having a little exhausted cry myself after said struggle. Watching fifteen minutes of Love Actually with Ben and realising it was the first time we had sat down to watch something together since Walt was born. Sleeping in my childhood bed with my baby and waking to make an omelette for breakfast using leftovers. Our first Christmas as a family of four.

Heidi xo

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