Happenings 15.6.19

* written in bits and pieces over the past 4 weeks.

DOING: sitting at my desk. It’s Wednesday afternoon. I had a doctors appointment scheduled this afternoon to get the results of a blood test (just a postnatal check up to see where my iron and vitamin D are at), but my doctor is sick. Joan is with my Dad in the other room, Walt is asleep and I’m too tired to work, so here I am, writing.

HEARING: the rain. It’s been gloriously rainy today. And aside from getting wet at kinder pick-up, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it.

DRINKING: nothing. I actually need a drink of water. Lately I’ve been forgetting to drink enough throughout the day.

EATING + COOKING: my love of sourdough or rye toast with avocado and nut butter prevails (separately - not on the same slice). I’m also super keen on crepes at the moment. I’ve been using these two recipes: green and French - using spelt flour for both and leaving the sugar out of the French one. Oh and roasted veggie salads, particularly with roasted pumpkin, broccoli, cabbae and brussels sprouts. Joan LOVES roasted cabbage ad brussels sprouts! I mean, I agree, they’re delicious, but I did not see that one coming.

Walt eats all he’s offered, even accidentally over-steamed brussels sprouts (we had ours oven roasted with a bunch of salty ingredients, so I kept his separate). He went mad for scrambled eggs and crepes (we did our egg introduction earlier in the month and all seems fine. We’ll do peanut next week) and seems to love dhal, just like his sister. He’s not yet eating three meals a day. First thing in the morning he’s happy playing on the floor, so I take that time to be with Joan and have a breakfast date with my girl, eating toast at our kitchen bench. Or, if Joan is more interested in Walt than me, I’ll unload the dishwasher while the two of them play. Depending on the day and when he’s napping, Walt may eat lunch with us or have a snack (banana or steamed broccoli, for example), but mostly he just eats dinner with us as a family. Though on the weekend he has three meals (unless he snoozes through one).

WANTING: another decent block of sleep tonight. Walt has been extra wakeful these past couple of weeks. I’ve also been getting to bed later and waking earlier (just a fraction, but enough for me to feel it). Last night, however, I must have gotten 4 or so hours straight, because I noticed my breasts were fuller than usual when he woke me up. The sleep thing is generally ok. Walt wakes often (on average I’d say 5 times) but goes back to sleep instantly with a touch or quick feed. If there’s a string of days when I don’t get a solid block, however, I really feel it - my memory becomes rubbish and I feel scatty. Anyway, that block last night was S W E E T and I’d love another, thanks, Walt.

LOOKING: for good measuring cups and spoons that are made in Australia and use Australian measures (i.e. 20ml for 1 tablespoon). Walt loves our measuring cups - they’re my ‘go-to’ distraction when he wants to be with me but I have to cook. Somehow he totally demolished our 1/4 cup and I cannot find the 1/3 one.

DECIDING: what carrot cake recipe to make on the weekend. I told Joan today, while we were making a cubby under the kitchen table ("Walt’s house”, she said), that I felt like making a carrot cake with cream cheese icing on Saturday. Unsurprisingly, she thought this was a great idea.

ENJOYING: the rain; snuggles with Walt when he sleeps in the carrier; snuggles with Joan when she’s in the mood; and cooking - I’m really enjoying cooking at the moment.

WATCHING: Fleabag season 2. I devoured it.

READING: I recently read this article on helping kids meditate and LOVED the ideas for breath work.

WEARING: around the house: high-waited jeans, cozy knits and slippers. Out of the house: high-waited jeans, cozy knits and runners or boots.

BUYING: no big purchases at the moment. We’re trying to keep small purchases at a minimum, too. Once or twice a week I’ll buy groceries and that’s it, really. Oh, actually, last week I ordered Joan three pairs of tights. She’s outgrown all but two pairs and, for whatever reason, will only wear tights at the moment - refusing (most of the time) to wear her leggings. I went with Marquise, as they’ve held up the best out of any brand I’ve purchased over the years.

LOVING: baths with Joan and Walt. Our little man just looks so cute sitting in a bath and splashing. Joan is protective of him, making sure he doesn’t fall back. The way she looks at her brother in those moments - so maternally adoring - makes my heart ache. Lately she’s been letting Walt touch her toys and showing such loving patience as he takes his time investigating them. This only happens when she’s in a certain, agreeable mood, of course, but all the same, it’s blowing me away. I caught one such moment below, with Joan showing Walt her beloved toy unicorn, Strawberry, that her KK bought for her at the op shop.

PLANNING: when we can go to Red Hill for a little family getaway. Twice now we’ve planned to stay at my childhood home, where my parents still live, and enjoy some of the local delights (of which there are many - wineries, bakeries, breweries, etc) and have had to cancel due to work or illness. We have a date booked in July and I’m crossing my fingers it’ll happen this time. Red Hill isn’t far from where we live, but it feels like a world away and we always leave feeling refreshed. I’m craving country walks and Johnny Ripe pastries.

CRAVING: other than country walks, Johnny Ripe pastries, crepes, salads with roasted veggies and carrot cake, I’m really craving lasagne. I’m hoping to make this recipe again soon - it’s great (of course it is, it’s Julia).

SAVOURING: Walt’s current age. He’s 7, almost 8 months, and honestly is such a joy. He’s crawling and keeping me on my toes, but he’s also so much fun. He’s chatty, affectionate and loves to eat. And when I’m lying on the floor doing my pelvic floor exercises (still doing them multiple times a day. That reminds me, I hope to start pilates soon), he’ll come over and inspect the buttons on my pants or cardigan. He also loves door handles (like, loves) and trees.

PLAYING: Joan’s current favourite game is sardines, which, if you don’t already know, is like hide & seek but one person hides while the others count. Whoever finds the person has to join them in the hiding spot, jamming in like sardines in a tin. Joan plays this with her neighbour friends and it’s given her a love of counting. Her new favourite thing to do is to count up to 23 (why that number I’m not sure).

FEELING: Tired (the sleep disruption thing + having a kinder kid who brings home bugs). Life also feels wonderfully slow at the moment. I’ve finished my work for the book (it’s gone to print!), so I now have more time to hang out with my family, cook and read. It’s really nice. I even have a few recipes I hope to share here soon.

Happenings posts inspired by Pip.

Heidi xo