My Book

Here it is, friends, my book: Nurturing Your New Life, Words and Recipes for the New Mother.

In April of 2017 I started working on a book proposal. Later that year, in November, my brilliant agent, Emily, started circulating my work; and in February 2018, five days after I found out I was pregnant with Walt, we got a deal with HarperCollins Australia. Those 11 months were full of tender feelings and uncertainty, particularly as I was writing about new motherhood while at the same time working on adding another babe to our brood (which, as I have shared with you wasn’t without its challenges). And now here I am, with a dear son asleep at my side, a soon-to-be published book and a greater passion for supporting women in the perinatal period. I’m grateful. Jubilant! And honoured that many of you have already preordered a copy of Nurturing Your New Life.

I am so very proud of this book. Inside you’ll find tips on caring for yourself and your little one(s) in the perinatal period, as well as stories from my transition to motherhood and 20 of my favourite, everyday recipes to nourish yourself and your family postnatally and beyond. While first-time mothers were front of my mind during the writing process, this book is also for those of us having our second, third or fourth baby, as well as those who became mothers some time ago. The words and recipes are comforting, cheering and approachable, and will hopefully leave you inspired to look within, tune in to the needs of your family unit and care for yourself with reverence.

If you wish to buy yourself or a loved one a copy of Nurturing Your New Life, you can preorder (via this link) or wait until it is in bookstores on September 24th 2019. If you preorder now, you can use the code NURTURE10 to receive 10% off the price. I will be running some book-related events later in the year, likely October and November, where we can meet and chat all things motherhood; I’ll share information on these events soon. For now, you can join me at Farrell’s Bookshop for a launch party on Tuesday October 1st (it’s a free event, and tickets are available here).

I’ll leave you now with some photographs taken by my friend Kat, which I adore, yet didn’t make it into the book. Walt was just six weeks old when Kat came to my home and took photographs for Nurturing Your New Life. Over two days we assembled and shot recipe after recipe, with Ben and my mother looking after the kiddos and lending a hand in the kitchen when needed. I told Kat I wanted the photographs to be R E A L; it was important to me that the food look as it will when readers make it in their kitchens - imperfectly peeled boiled eggs and all. Of course, Kat being phenomenally talented, she made everything look real and beautiful. Gosh, looking at these photographs makes me feel excited. And hungry.

Much, much love,

Heidi xo