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Saturday Morning at San Francisco's Ferry Plaza Farmers Market

Saturday Morning at San Francisco's Ferry Plaza Farmers Market

The morning after my arrival in San Francisco was a glorious one. It was a Saturday, and so I found myself poised perfectly to experience the wonder that is the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market. Right on the waterfront at the edge of the City, this Saturday morning market is buzzing, positively brimming with beautiful produce, delectable baked goods and, praise the lord, good coffee, Melbourne-style. I was one Happy Heidi. Blue Bottle Coffee have a number of outlets around the Ferry Building. It was well worth the 30 minute queue - especially in hindsight, as it was the only good (by Melbourne standards) coffee I managed to get my eager hands on while in the USA.

Holding my smooth, caffeinated cup, I was ready to explore the market.

I strolled...

I sampled...

and I snapped away...

*pause for waffle appreciation*

I spoke to farmers about their produce...

(these blueberries were $4, for a large, plump, divine punnet!)

I sipped on honeydew and cucumber juice...

(supremely refreshing!)

and I shopped for sweets at Miette...

I spent the rest of the morning soaking-up that California sunshine with a picnic on the pier - devouring juicy fruit, munching on authentic sourdough and journaling.

What a perfectly scrumptious introduction to a perfectly scrumptious City.

Heidi xo
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