The Pour Kids

Last Sunday morning I woke early. You see, I went to sleep (that's right - not to bed, to sleep) at 8pm the night before and I woke just before 7am. That's 11 hours of blissful, post-travel exhaustion sleep.

I woke dreaming of breakfast. More specifically, homemade crumpets. Yet, to my dismay, I was without rings to form these beautiful bubbling buns in the pan. This upsetting fact, coupled with our decidedly messy home (note to self, unpack backpack and organise the explosion of goods), made for a swift decision to swiftly vacate in search of coffee, papers and nourishment.

Without wanting to travel far, my mind ticked over local cafe options, of which there are few. Just before I resigned to a 25 minute drive for a favourable feed, I recalled a recommendation for a cafe in Malvern that a fellow foodie sent me (thanks, Ben!). With an adorable name and friendly distance from home, The Pour Kids appeared to be the perfect option.

And it was.

We arrived not long after 8:30am, a time when only young parents and children are awake. Indeed this was the demographic that filled the cafe. Oh, and lycra-clad cyclists.

House-made baked goods, always a way to brighten your morning! Hello, Gorgeous.

We sat in two giant chairs in the corner, feeling quite like the dining companions of Alice and The White Rabbit. It was supremely cozy. Especially when greeted with these beautiful breakfasts...

Slow-cooked rabbit meat with toasted brioche, whipped sage butter, cornichons + boiled egg. This dish was so good and delightfully refreshing, having the feel of a lovely morning picnic - albeit an incredibly indulgent one. crumpets? Can you blame me for absconding and ordering this rabbit dish? Surely not.

Ben chose the Italian-style pork sausage, with burnt-butter gnocchi, fried duck egg + swiss chard. This was really rich, but supremely delicious. The sausage was by Istra and was incredibly tasty. The burnt butter gnocchi was beautiful, golden deliciousness. This was a really yummy dish, truly beautiful (although a tad too buttery overall for me at 9am on a Sunday).

Coffee and the papers... as always, a pleasure. Especially when reading about the psychology behind comfort food, as I tuck into some brioche - true comfort food, realised on my plate.

It was a very good skim latte, although not my favourite blend (personal flavour preference only, it was made very very well). I could have happily sat and read and sampled the menu for hours. But alas, the day beckoned. Things to be done, a Wedding to be planned...


Next visit I would like to think I'll try the house-made crumpets, affectionately called a bit o’ the old morning crumpet. That is what I was initially craving after all...but what can I say? I was (willingly) lead astray by those crafty Pour Kids and their richly tempting, delectable menu options. And may I just say, their menu item names are far too cute to handle. I mean, calling their porridge three bears out hunting...come on! A girl like me doesn't stand a chance.

Heidi xo
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