Cinnamon lamb and an orange brulee cocktail

It's been a while since I've written a 'Weekend at Red Hill' post. Too long, in fact. The truth is, it's been a very long time since I have been down to Red Hill for more than a couple of hours, what with my recent travels overseas, and just generally being very busy with work and life. Needless to say, my mind, body and soul were positively craving a visit. Luckily this weekend we had a lovely excuse - Father's Day. Ben and I headed down Saturday night for a low-key night in. We made Pizza and drank red wine.

I love making pizza dough, it's such fun to knead and shape.

Simple pizza was on the menu - just tomatoes, rocket, olives, manchego (my favourite) and mozzarella.


Father's Day Breakfast

Early Sunday morning Ben and I made Dad breakfast (well, it was around 8:30am...that's early for a Sunday, right?). Our little creation (born due to leftover pizza dough from the night before) took two attempts - the first was a little wet. I think we need to try a new pizza dough recipe, perhaps. Despite some soggy roadblocks, we got there in the end...Here is our inspired creation (read: experiment) that Dad every so kindly consumed for his Father's Day Breakfast. The Breakfast Pizza...With a tomato passata base, tomatoes, parmesan, marinated white anchovies, an egg from their chickens. Topped with Boks Bacon (the best) and rocket. Yes, it was a little spunky.

Presents were given, including Whisky Stones, chocolate and The Flavour Thesaurus......

Father's Day Lunch

Before lunch Dad made us a cocktail using his new ice shaver. He served us a tiny glass of Orange Brûlée. Holy Father's Day, this was incredibly delicious. I adore Amaretto. Cheers.

Orange Brûlée

Recipe (Xavier Laigle) - found on Dad's Cocktails #8 app (by Simon Difford)

1½ shot Luxardo Amaretto di Saschira
1½ shot Grand Marnier liqueur
¾ shot Courvoisier V.S.O.P cognac
¼ shot Double (heavy) cream

Method: shake the first three ingredients with ice and fine strain into chilled glass. Float a thin layer of cream over drink and turn glass to spread evenly.To garnish, dust with cocoa powder


For lunch mum made a divine Neil Perry lamb dish (recipe link). It was a stunner. Cinnamon-Scented Lamb...

served with Couscous...

Green Beans...

and Roasted Baby Carrots from the Red Hill Market.

These were heavenly. Baby carrots are a true favourite of mine. Delicious, sticky, roasted perfection. Let's see them again, I can't help myself...


Jackson (my brother) was attempting to enjoy eggplant - points for trying.

Maybe one day?

Or not. I think his expression below says it all...

Wholegrain Sourdough Cob - for mopping up the juices ;)

It was a really beautiful dish. Thanks, Mum. You're beyond amazing.

As we ate, we drank delicious local Seven Oaks Farmhouse


Tea and Canelés for dessert. These little French cakes are fast becoming a favourite of mine. Mum picked these beautiful Canelés up at the Red Hill Market the day before (mental note, make sure I get down to the next Market to buy these lovelies!)

All in all it was everything a weekend at Red Hill should be... full of good food, laughs and cuddles from those I love. Happy Father's Day, Dad. You're far more than a great father, you're a great friend. And you attend Cheese-Making Courses! Why that's just the icing on the stilton.

Look at him and his cheese - he's so proud. I am too :)

Love you, Dad.

Heidi xo