Beignets in the City

Here is another San Francisco snapshot for you. This time I'm taking you on the journey of my Sunday spent walking (and walking and walking) around the picturesque areas of the City. Aside from walking I also took a lot of pictures. And ate Beignets. But we'll get to the Beignets later. First, the City... I had quite the glorious time getting lost up keen hills and around pretty corners, lusting after potential houses and imagining my would-be San Francisco life. Naturally if I lived here I would be able to eat at Tartine all I wanted...

For my brother...


There are only so many steps one can walk before needing nourishment.

Boulette's Larder, a cafe in the Ferry Building Plaza, is famed for it's Sunday brunch, with their Beignets garnering particular praise. And so on this Sunday in San Francisco I delighted in Cocoa Sugar dusted Beignets for lunch. Oh yes I did.

This was my first foray into the fantastic deep fried pastry dough balls that are Beignets. I knew they were associated with the Southern states of America and I knew they were fried. Other than that I was keen to learn more. And I was quite pleased with what I found in my paper bag.

These beauties were very delicious. Crisp outer coating, generously doused (doused seems a more accurate description than dusted, really) in cocoa-spiked sugar. Warm, melting batter goodness.

Granted I could only manage a few of them before my body screamed for something clean and nutritious. Enter Cherries and Greek Yoghurt.

Enjoyed while sitting on a bench outside the Ferry Building, soaking up a little Vitamin D and listening to Vampire Weekend on repeat. Happy. Happy with my Beignets in the City.

Heidi xo
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