The Perfect Way to Start Your Weekend...

The perfect way to start your weekend is with food made with love. Yesterday, this meant homemade cookies that a special someone made for me the night before while I was out drinking wine at a girlfriend's house. True story. Ben wanted to thank me for being extra helpful this week, and just generally being fabulous, I suppose ;) And so while he was home Friday night doing some work he baked me a batch of giant cookies. I know, I'm a lucky girl.

The perfect way to start your weekend is with a giant homemade chocolate chip and walnut cookie, a small pot of yoghurt and cinnamon, a bowl of diced strawberry and grapefruit and a cup of peppermint tea. Reading back issues of Gourmet Traveller is also a good idea.

Cookie recipe link. Food made with love is indeed the perfect way to start your weekend. Yesterday that food happened to be cookies. And it was indeed perfect.

Heidi xo
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