Humphry Slocombe

Humphry Slocombe. No, I'm not just saying random words that are wonderfully melodic and a little humorous (go on, say it out loud). Humphry Slocombe is an ice-cream store.

Possibly one of the worlds cutest ice-cream stores, with a black and white checkered linoleum floor, red vinyl swinging stools and pictures of Campbell's Soup with ice-cream flavour names on the walls. It's kind of like a funky vintage ice-cream diner. They even have ice-cream sundaes on the menu - how cute is that?

I first read about this store when trawling through David Lebovitz's blog for San Francisco food recommendations. He mentioned it as a place to get a one-of-a-kind ice-cream experience (word, was he spot on). I just want to say, thank you, Mr Lebovitz.

I have spoken before of my love for gelati, and yes this fondness does extend to the creamier cousin, ice-cream. Perhaps my affection is not so poignant as Ben's - I am very likely having an ice-cream Wedding Cake, my friends, after much insistence on Ben's part. I even recall him saying, "It's my day too" - true story. Even so, I do adore it in my own little way, with a loving, quiet affection.

And so this little ice-creamery, which is decidedly out of the touristy area, made my San Francisco 'must visit' list. Humphry Slocombe has a range of weird and wacky flavours, all incredibly enticing, I had a really difficult time choosing what to have. The Secret Breakfast (with cornflakes and bourbon) looked devilishly delicious. As did the FlufferNutter (although I'm still not sure what was in that one...)

In the end I went for Salt and Pepper, as I knew my Dad would love to try this flavour (he loves making his own ice-cream and is always one to try interesting creations). I also chose Brown Butter - do I really need to explain why I went for this one? I didn't think so.

The Salt and Pepper ice-cream was...exciting! Tasting flavours that you originally would think should just not be in ice-cream form and experiencing such a foreign flavour combination - what a revelation that is. Ultra creamy ice-cream with pungent pepper flecks and a sprinkling of salt - each mouthful tasted more and more intense. As a result, I could only make it through about a third of my generous scoop. But, wow, I loved every crazy mouthful.

The Brown Butter ice-cream was just flat-out ridiculous. A super rich and creamy base, that still somehow managed to feel light, was lovingly folded with a divine, sultry, buttery, caramel train. Food-gasm, people. There's no other way to describe it.

I really need to get friendly with my hand-me-down ice-cream maker...

Heidi xo

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