Nopa Burger Brioche Love

Well, it seems I've come to the end of my San Francisco posts. I had a marvellous four days in the Californian foodie city - just me, my camera and my journal. And a whole lot of beautiful food.

I loved that I had to walk so far to get places, it really helped to build my appetite, which I enthusiastically fed with stunningly sweet fruit, beautiful bread and beignets, fresh salads, divine pastries, wacky and wonderful ice-cream and well, this brioche bun burger.

My final meal in San Francisco couldn't have been more fantastic or representative of the exciting food I experienced during my visit. I snagged a seat at the communal dining table at Nopa, a popular restaurant that was recommended to me by a local, and which was undoubtedly filled with locals (tick).

Upon settling on my stool I went about selecting a glass of wine, something refreshing. It seemed prudent to go local, and so my very helpful and friendly Waiter suggested I try an organic Sauvignon Blanc from the Russian River Valley. It was cloudy, like an unfiltered apple juice, which was something completely new to me. And it was just lovely.

A complementary slice of peach, dressed in balsamic was heavenly. This city truly has some of the best produce I have ever tasted.

As soon as I saw the following item on the menu I knew that I would be ordering it. It was just absolutely going to happen: Grass-Fed Hamburger, Pickled Onions, French Fries. Yep.

The burger was completely melt-in your mouth, a true quality, super juicy patty cooked perfectly medium-rare. I chose gruyère for my cheese - the options were blue, gruyère or cheddar. And the bun...brioche divinity. Luckily the burger was not huge, as it was a very rich meal. The pickled onions were delicious and the fries were lovely, not too crisp and not soggy. The basil aioli was also gorgeous. Yet I didn't spend much time on the fries and aioli. Let's be honest, it was all about the burger...

p.s. this meal, wine and tip included, cost 28USD. I know. Naturally I'm finding it difficult re-adjusting to Australia's exorbitant food prices.


But this post isn't all about the burger. It's also my farewell to the city. Here is a final snapshot of my hours spent wandering San Francisco.

It started with Hot Waffle and Latte from Blue Bottle Coffee at the Ferry Building Market Place.

Before heading to The Castro District.

Seeing the Golden Gate Bridge was a highlight...

As was lying in Dolores Park reading, eating plump Strawberries for lunch and snoozing in the sun...


While I must admit that New York City stole my heart more than San Francisco, I felt like this city breathed a new light into me - I was given the gift of travelling independently for the first time, in the sunshine, with thesehappytunes on repeat...and with a Tartine treat in my pocket. I felt alive. And happy to be living my life.

Heidi xo
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