Chelsea Market Picnic

When you visit Chelsea Market in New York City (note that I'm saying when, not if - as I cannot recommend visiting this city enough), be sure to arrive hungry. And bring your picnic rug. You're going to need it.

Each nook and cranny of this fabulous factory-style building is filled with beautiful food, from Cheese to Seafood to Cupcakes (oh my!) When I visited Chelsea Market with my girlfriends in August, we just couldn't get enough. And so we decided that the smart thing to do would be to buy it all and then have a picnic. I kid you not, we bought one of everything in the Market. Well that's how it seemed, anyway...

We started off our day with Ice-Coffees from the Acai Shack, before catching the Subway to the uber stylish district, Chelsea.

I told you to arrive hungry, didn't I?...Excellent.

Let the foodie journey begin!

Don't mind if I do! ... The aroma coming out of this cheese shop was surely illegal (in that it was delightfully intoxicating, not stinky). We sampled a little Goats Cheese and then picked up a hunk of Gouda here.

Amy's Bread is famous in NYC, with a number of locations. We never actually tried anything from here, something else always seemed to pop up and trump it in the deliciousness factor.

It was great to see the Bakers at work though...

Here, at Ronnybrook Farm Dairy, we picked up a bottle of Chocolate Milk - how cute is that?

I was temped by Soup at Lobster Place - such a cute set-up.

We lusted after Elini's Cupcakes...

and bought a teeny tiny Red Velvet Cupcake to share - hey, stomach space was limited. We were all in the "one bite will suffice" frame of mind. And it did.

The market hall was gorgeous, with rich brick walls...

Oh, and this stunning table was in the hall outside a restaurant. I love rustic wooden dining tables...

When in the Fruit and Vegetable Shop, Vicki squeeled in delight, "look, Heidz, Carrot and Ginger Juice!!"...very few people would get so excited about Vegetable Juice. Clearly we're Dietitians.

I was also incredibly giddy about these Green Almonds, how gorgeous are they?

Pickles! I'm so obsessed. We need more 'free pickles with sandwiches' here in Australia, I'm telling you.


We took our purchases to the nearby 14th Street Park, and ate our Market goodies in the New York City Summer sunshine.

Just three gals... and a whole bunch of food.

In all seriousness, despite appearances, we did not actually buy everything in the Market. Shocking, I know. There were loads more shops and goodies on offer. Although I prefer more 'produce focussed' Markets (like the ones I lived for while in Europe) and other Farmers-style Markets, I did (clearly) enjoy Chelsea Market. There are a lot of yummy and funky options, you'll be sure to find something to please you. Just remember to arrive hungry!

A snippet of our delights: Salad, Gouda, Cupcake, Sushi and Red Bananas!

Some quality bagel action went down. Here we have a Cinnamon Raisin Bagel...

and a Plain Bagel, which we enjoyed with a mini tub of Cream Cheese. The plain bagel with cream cheese was one of my picnic favourites. So simple, yet pure perfection.

Cherries. Love.

Cheers. A Chelsea Market Chocolate Milk Cheers.

Heidi xo
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