Prune Juice. It’s Not Just for 77 Year Olds.

Drinking prune juice is not something you think young folk do, let’s be honest. We tend to associate it with elderly people who are struggling with their bowel motions and need a little help to shift things along…

But why can’t drinking prune juice become cool? Ponder that, my friends.

If I had to pick what juice is the coolest I’d probably say Blood Orange. Maybe because of the word ‘blood’ – it makes it seem dangerous or something. And then there’s Cranberry Juice, the other cool cousin, which makes us think of Urinary Tract Infections…hang on, why is Cranberry Juice cool again? Oh, that’s right, because we also associate it with Vodka & Cranberry Cocktails.

But when it comes to prunes, we think of poo. I’m sorry, but it’s true. And look, you can’t escape that fact (and you wouldn't want to!) Prunes provide you with a brilliant hit of fibre, which aids in maintaining a healthy bowel and regularity, as well as aiding in lowering cholesterol levels.

Yet prunes also have a lot of other fabulous health benefits, which people need to know about. Why? Because it’s always important to promote good health. And also because I might just feel a little bit sorry for the humble prune. It’s shriveled and has a somewhat moody colour, and so often is it shunned in favour of more fancy fruits. Prunes are certainly not bright and happy looking like blood oranges or cranberries. Let’s give the lovely prune it’s time in the spotlight, what do you say?

In case I haven’t been able to tug on your heart strings to encourage you to increase your prune intake, let’s look at the nutritional benefits…


We established that it’s high in fibre before right? Good. It is.


Prunes are fabulously high in antioxidants. Antioxidants are brilliant substances that are believed to help protect the body against damage and diseases. That’s a real reason to love prunes, peeps!


Prunes are a source of Vitamin A Beta-Carotene, which has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action. They’re also full of Vitamin C, which is needed for tissue growth and repair.


Prunes are a source of iron, which is important for energy production. While it’s important to realise that the body does not absorb plant-based (non-haeme) iron sources, such as prunes, as well as it does meat (haeme) iron sources, especially red meat, prunes can certainly help you boost your iron intake. In addition, to help absorb non-haeme iron it’s best to pair it with vitamin C rich foods. As prunes are naturally rich in Vitamin C, this will help the body to absorb the iron.

They’re also a source of potassium, a mineral that aids in heart health and maintaining blood pressure. In addition, prunes are low in sodium, which is a real bonus for heart health as in today’s society we tend to consume far too much sodium. The potassium content in prunes may also be important in promoting bone health.

Low GI

Another last benefit for you is that prunes are ranked low on the Glycaemic Index Scale, meaning they release their energy slowly into the body. This helps to stabilise your blood sugar levels and keep you full, and that’s just wonderful.


So there you go, prunes are looking pretty good right about now, aren’t they? I’m writing this post to help promote Sunraysia’s Prune Juice. There is no financial incentive for me, I was simply approached to discuss prunes and agreed. Why? As I said before, it’s always good to encourage people to improve their health. Prunes can offer you a bundle of good nutrition, and Sunraysia’s Prune Juice is made up of 100% prunes – no preservatives, added sugar, artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners. Natural is good.

I also wanted to do this because I really do feel sorry for prunes…for so long they’ve been uncool. And I felt it was about time for them to get a little love.

If you’re keen to give your body some prune love, comment below and you may win a ‘make-over from the inside out’ kit (complete with prune juice, shot glass and loofah gloves) courtesy of Sunraysia and KeepLeft PR. There are two kits to give away and I will announce the winners in one week (Wednesday 26th October). Be sure to include your email details if you are not easily identifiable. This giveaway is open to Australian readers only.

So...I’m keen to hear your thoughts on prunes! Do you eat prunes or are you keen to try them? If you do eat prunes, how do you enjoy them?

Personally I love prunes on top of my porridge, and sometimes I’ll make a little after dinner platter with a couple of prunes, some dark chocolate and a glass of red wine. See…with dark chocolate and wine, prunes can even be sexy! Ok maybe I’ve gone too far…

Heidi xo

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