Double Batch...Espresso

I've got a new favourite cafe. Well, I sort of do. It's not exactly new - I've spoken of the fabulousness that is Batch Espresso before (link). I guess you can say that I've rediscovered it these past couple of weeks. It's been a bit of a whirlwind, a rekindling of our makes me wonder why we ever separated? I blame myself. I was young and foolish.

Last weekend Ben and I went to Batch for lunch. And yesterday we went again, this time for brunch. You could call that a Double Batch...Espresso. I had an early morning meeting yesterday, yet ensured I ate light so as to fit in a proper meal at my beloved Batch. I heart it so.


Batch do great fresh juices - Fresh Orange and Pineapple perfection right here.

Their Coffee is also supremely delicious, I always enjoy my cup.

And Ben adores their Iced-Coffee!

Yesterday it was all about the Omelettes. Beautiful Free-Range Eggs provide a generous and fluffy sleeping bag for gooey Goats Cheese with Leek and Mushrooms. Served with scrumptious Toasted's a beautiful thing. The Prosciutto, Goats Cheese and Basil Omelette is also divine. I had that last week.


The week before, Ben ordered the Kedgeree, which is curried rice with smoked fish (on this occasion it was snapper and we ordered the side of pickled cabbage). I fell a little in love with this dish. Mum used to make Kedgeree as her 'quick meal' when arriving home if she were working late, so it's a little nostalgic for me. A little nostalgic and a lot of delicious - they're the best meals, right? I was so close to ordering the Kedgeree again yesterday but my craving for eggs was too strong.

Batch's menu is positively loaded with super creative gems. They even have Coco Pops on the menu. I know, too cute. Another favourite is the Potato Hash with Cornichons and Corned Beef - possibly due to the fact that I love to say "cornichons".

So there you go, that's where my cafe love has been centred at the moment. I'm so pleased to be back in a state of Batch Bliss. I might just make it a Triple Batch...

Heidi xo
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