Easter Buns

If I were a more organised food blogger I would have made these weeks ago and informed you of my reverence for them, so that you too could delight in these fresh homemade, home kneaded, home moulded, home heavenly hot cross buns. At home. For breakfast. On Easter morning.

But I didn't do that. Forgive me.

Let's call it even when you make these next Easter shall we? When you feel that warm, humming sense of pride that comes with homemade, home kneaded, home moulded, home heavenly hot cross buns, you won't mind that I didn't share this recipe earlier. You'll just be thankful for your buns.

I know I was.

Rose Prince's Hot Cross Buns

recipe link

Notes: be sure you use bakers flour and full cream milk when making these buns. We added an extra 50g raisins and used heaped teaspoons of spice rather than level teaspoons. We also omitted mace, as we had none. I really feel that these buns could do with even more fruit and spice, however. I'm thinking we'll end up with double the raisins in our ideal batch. We may add some of the French spice blend, Quatre épices (cloves, nutmeg, white pepper and ginger) too. That'd be lovely.

But truly, we were thrilled with these buns, the texture was divine. They were supremely delicious. Especially when eaten with butter and a dollop of our friend, Kim's, homemade marmalade. I now enjoy marmalade, after years of thinking I did not. Paddington would be proud.

Heidi xo